Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Me & Mine {January 2017} ♥

It's the first Me & Mine of 2017 and (hopefully!) the beginning of our first full year of joining in with this photography project. I have to admit, I'm a little bit sad that we didn't join in sooner, but still, the pictures we captured together during the last few months of 2016 have been great keepsakes for us - so better late than never.

This months pictures were taken today - talk about last minute - but we really enjoyed capturing them and thankfully Tyler was happy to join in without any cajoling needed. I spotted the snowdrops in bloom during the weekend when I was out walking with the boys and I thought they'd make a perfect forefront for our family picture for January.

This month has been a rather depressing one if I'm honest. It began with me suffering terribly with my gallbladder (the pain is horrendous!), then Jacek had to work six days a week - for two weeks out of the month, meaning he's only had six days off in total, not enough at all. Then both of the boys became sick, with Beau taking the brunt of it - we've even had a visit to A&E with him.

But thankfully there were also some good things to get us threw - like Jacek and I visiting Dublin and seeing Black Sabbath live, lots of walks which resulted in beautiful photographic captures and Jacek and I also had our yearly visit to the cinema (not even an exaggeration... we never go) to see T2 Trainspotting.

I'll be happy to wave goodbye to January and welcome February with open arms - February 1st marking the beginning of spring for me and I LOVE spring, even if it means that my eldest will be turning four in just over two weeks time, and I am definitely not old enough to have a four year old. Four!

This month Jacek is loving:
Seeing Black Sabbath in Dublin 
Getting two limited edition Black Sabbath books
Booking a trip to Amsterdam (for my birthday, yay!)
Booking days off work and making holiday plans
Seeing T2 Trainspotting

This month I'm loving:
Having a kid-free lie-in
Taking lots of pictures
Seeing flowers in bloom again
Getting lots of fresh air
Reading new books
This month Tyler is loving:
His washing machines (the obsession is back in full force) 
Being back at school and seeing his friends there
Playing in his playhouse
His Miss Hooley ragdoll

This month Beau is loving:
Warm buttery toast
Long walks in his buggy
Having his picture taken
Being rocked to sleep

The Me and Mine Project



  1. Ah these are lovely I love snowdrops. Sorry it has been a bit of a tough month and here is to a healthier February x

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I love them too, I'm such a flower lover. Thank you, I hope it's a great month for you and yours too x

  2. Ours were last minute too, last night!! Fingers crossed for a better February..can't believe T will be 4!! xx

  3. These are so gorgeous. I love the setting too. It's such a great project to motivate us to capture ourselves as much as we do the kids isn't it? Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

  4. Love these pictures in the snowdrops. January sounds like it has been testing for you - but a trip to see Sabbs in Dublin- yay!!! Here's to a bright February x #MeandMine


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