Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau's Christmas Eve Basket | 2016 ♥

The Christmas Eve basket is a tradition which began in our house in 2013 for Tyler's first Christmas and four Christmases later I'm still as enthusiastic about putting together these Christmas Eve baskets as I was in the beginning.

The Christmas Eve basket is essentially a basket of goodies to keep kids happy, entertained, cosy and excited before all the festivities of Christmas Day began.

If you didn't know already, our family is tri-national. I am of course Irish and Jacek is Polish/South African, so when important times of year such as Christmas come along we try to merge both our traditions to make a fun and traditional type Christmas for us all and as Christmas Eve is the most important day in the Polish tradition, we exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve night and Tyler gets his Christmas Eve basket.

Christmas Eve is a rather quiet day for us as Jacek works for it, so it was always just Tyler and I on Christmas Eve and I liked that although our day was a simple one, that he still had a surprise to look forward to.

Now that we have a new little babe in our house it was lots of fun finding baby bits to pop into the basket once again, along with all the goodies that my excitable little three year old to enjoy.

Included in this years basket are:

A Christmas themed babygro for Beau and a Christmas themed onesie for Tyler - These have a very similar print and I like that the boys will be kind of matching on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. These ones in particular are from the Leigh Tucker Willow collection in Dunnes Stores.

Four books - The Little Reindeer, 10 Shiny Snowflaskes, The Perfect Christmas Tree and Smiling Snowman. All of these were bought in Dealz for €1.49 each.

A Lush bubble bar - This is for the boys Christmas Eve bath and Tyler chose Peeping Santa this year.

Fluffy reindeer socks -  €1.50 from Penneys

Chocolate Santa lollies

Milkybar buttons

Smarties chocolate robin

Smarties Santa and reindeer chocolates

Box of Milka chocolates

Gold coins - all the chocolates were €1.40 each from Dealz  

Two glass milk bottles with straws - €2 each from Tiger

I also bought a new basket this year as I liked the darker wood with the white inlay on this one, and it's from Penneys (€10 for two, one big, one small) and the ribbon is from Tiger (€1).

I had so much fun putting together this years basket, it feels quite surreal saying it's for both of my boys, instead of just one like past years. I hope they'll have a wonderful Christmas Eve and love all the surprises that their basket has for them.

If you're looking for even more Christmas Eve box/basket inspiration, please do read my post on what to include in a Christmas Eve box/basket for kids.


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  1. How lovely! The basket is gorgeous and I'd quite like all the goodies myself!


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