Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {December 2016} ♥

My beautiful boys have been siblings for almost seven months now. This has been such a lovely time for me as a mother, watching my two children meet each other, get to know one another and form a brotherly friendship.

The boys are very close now, with Tyler adopting the role of overly-protective big brother and Beau being the cheeky younger brother.

The baby loves his big brother so much, always smiling whenever he sees him or hears his voice and Tyler is absolutely besotted with his baby brother, always wanting to include him in his games, sit by him, hug him and check on him whilst he's sleeping.

Tyler now loves getting his picture taken with Beau, in fact, this months photos were Tyler's idea and even yesterday he was asking to take pictures with Beau outside, but sadly the ground was too wet.

Beau is able to sit up by himself now for a few minutes and Tyler is so happy about this fact, he pretends that the two of them are driving in a camper van to go on holiday or that Beau's his customer in his imaginary restaurant. He also gives Beau his little iron and ironing board so that they can do the laundry together - so adorable to witness!

Tyler is protective over Beau, he gets so upset if he's crying or things that Beau is in pain. I think he'll be great at looking out for him as they get older.

I'm so looking forward to them having their first Christmas together as it's Beau's first and the first Christmas where Tyler really knows what's going on. It's going to be lovely and I honestly can't wait!

Next month will mark the beginning of a whole year that the boys will be siblings and I hope that they'll have lots of adventures and mark mounds of happy memories together.

Here are the boys other Siblings photos from the year, I can't believe how much they've both grown.



  1. Ahhh I can't believe that Beau is in his 7th month already, thats flown over!! They are both so adorable <3 xx

  2. Aww they are adorable together!! Have a lovely Christmas xxx #SiblingsProject

  3. You can obviously see it in Beau how he has grown but I can definitely see a change in Tyler too. Gorgeous pictures Fiona. #siblingsproject


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