Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Visit To Pampers Innovation Center in Germany & Pampers Baby Dry Nappies ♥

Back in October, I was invited over to Pampers Innovation Center in Germany and as this was my first ever press trip, I was excited to see what the day had in store.

When we arrived at the center we were first given a presentation on Pampers, their history and lots of information about how they develop their nappies, and let me tell you, they've come a long way from the bulky nappies of the past - one from the 1970's that was passed around for us all to be amused at being evidence of this!

Obviously I have a little babe who is just at the beginning of his nappy journey, but just like his brother before him, Pampers have been our brand of choice. I'm so glad of this because Pampers newborn nappies are the only ones to be certified by the British Skin Foundation. I always love to support a brand who give something back, especially to people who are in need, and Pampers contribute a lot to charity, not just in their partnership with UNICEF, but also by donating to local communities too.

The trip to the Pampers Innovation Center was great for me to get some insight and a proper look into a product that I use every day. I couldn't believe the amount of work that goes into just one nappy. Did you know that it can take Pampers up to ten years to develop a new nappy? A lot of science and engineering goes in to keeping babies dry and comfortable!

Families in the area surrounding the Pamper Innovation Center are supplied with free nappies in exchange for giving Pampers regular feedback and insight into how their nappies are performing. Every morning babies are brought into the center to have their skin moisture tested (this tests the moisture absorbency of the nappies) and have some play time in the two play areas the R&D center has (this will show how well the nappy fits and how comfy it is while babies are on the move). There were lots of adorable little ones there on the morning of my visit, all helping Pampers make sure that their nappies are performing as they're supposed to for babies.

The particular nappy range that Pampers had focused on during my visit was the new and improved Pampers Baby Dry nappies and I was glad to get some more information on these as they're the particular nappies I used on Beau.

The new Pampers Baby Dry nappies have three absorbing channels made of Micro Pearls which help to distribute wetness more evenly throughout the nappy, for up to 12 hours. This helps babies have a peaceful and dry night’s sleep.

At the Pampers Innovation Center we got to test the new Pampers Baby Dry nappies for ourselves and see just how well they work. We got to pour blue water onto the nappies to see the three absorbing channels and Micro Pearls in action, and believe me; they really do work super fast. In just over a minute they had soaked up a lot of moisture and felt almost dry to touch - I was seriously impressed! 
The below video features some shots of the Baby Board's visit to the Pampers Innovation Center in Germany. I may also make a very short cameo in this...
The effort and precision that goes into making Pampers nappies is something we often don’t think about but there’s a reason why they are winners of the Best Nappy Range in Ireland. In fact, recently, Pampers won a gold award at the Maternity & Infant awards in the category for Best Nappy Range while also winning two gold awards at the National Parenting Product Awards in the categories Best Disposable Nappy Range and Best Toilet Training Pants/Nappy. 

I'm delighted to be associated and working with an award winning brand and I look forward to bring your more news and insights about Pampers in the New Year.

*This is a collaborative post with Pampers for whom I am a Baby Board member.

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