Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I'm A Pampers Baby Board Member! | Pampers-Unicef Partnership ♥

It still amazes me when brands get in touch wanting to work with me, all I can think is - "What, me? You like my little blog?!". It makes me feel incredibly happy and proud of what I've achieved here and it honestly feels amazing to know that some of the brands I love want to collaborate with my family and I.

I'm delighted to tell you that recently, a brand which I love and have used for many years now, got in touch and asked me to be part of their baby board, this brand was Pampers and I of course took them up on their offer.

I'll be part of the Pampers Baby Board until June 2017 and will be sharing news and insights about Pampers here on the blog and my social media.

The first Pampers campaign I want to discuss with you all is the Pampers-Unicef partnership. With only one month left until the campaign finishes, I want to create some awareness around it and encourage all of you brilliant mums to help Pampers and Unicef in their quest to eradicate Maternal and Newborn Tetanus in the remaining 19 countries across the world.

Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT) affects families in some of the poorest areas of the world and it occurs when newborns are infected as a direct result of unhygienic birthing practices. Once newborn tetanus has been contracted there is no real cure and, MNT still claims the lives of 49,000 newborns every year, which is equivalent to one baby’s life every 11 minutes.

Over the past 11 years, parents across Ireland have donated more than the cost of 22.5 million vaccines (this is amazing!) as part of this initiative and a vaccine has reached a mother and her baby every second since the start of the campaign 11 years ago.

Let’s make these numbers even higher and eliminate this deadly disease for good. There are numerous different ways you can get involved.

How can you help?

1 pack= 1 life-saving vaccine:  For each purchase of a Pampers® pack with the UNICEF logo

1 share of your baby photo = 1 life-saving vaccine: For each share of photo of your baby shared, Pampers® will donate the equivalent cost of one vaccine

UNICEF Pledge Donations: By becoming a monthly donor to UNICEF Ireland today you can join thousands of other parents who donate every month to improve the lives of these vulnerable children.

I'm delighted to be working with Pampers and to be able to share information about their products and campaigns with you all here on the blog and on my social media. Pampers is a brand which we've used since Tyler was a newborn - almost four years ago now, and for us, no other brand has compared in quality, comfort and function, like Pampers does.


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