Monday, December 12, 2016

Fairy Searching & Moon Gazing ♥

It had felt like an age since I had gone outdoors and photographed. The weather was awful for a good few days, not an ounce of natural light to be seen, dull, grey, gloomy skies, covering the sky like a thick blanket, it was depressing to say the least.

So once the sun had broken through again on Saturday afternoon I decided to bundle up the kids and take them to the fairy woods, a favourite haunt of ours.

There's something so magical about this place for me, not just because of the presence of fairy doors and lots of pretty trinkets hanging off the trees, but because it reminds me of my own childhood and I love that my son now plays amongst the trees that I once used to.

The kids went in search of fairies and as it was T's first visit she was in awe of it all and loved discovering new doors hidden amongst the mossy ends of tree trunks and all the other eye-catching things which adorn a fairy wood.

Tyler was just happy to have a companion and followed T around. The two of them stopped for a hug at one point, it was heart-warming on a cold December's day.

Tyler was looking especially stylish for a trip to the wood in his handsome checked shirt and blue jumper from Ben Sherman, the kid has style. I thought he looked quite lovely in these teamed with his jeans and they must have kept him warm as his discarded his jacket a few minutes after entering the woods. The Ben Sherman kids collection is available from Debenhams, for anyone who has taken a liking to these pieces.

His feet were also kept snug and dry from the wet leaves below thanks to his amazing new wellies from Muck Boot. Of course he had to pick a pair from their new Hasbro Transformers collection, Optimus Prime being his transformer of choice. He's worn these everywhere since he received them, even bringing them to school to show his friends there, because they all love transformers too.

We reached the woods quite late in the afternoon so the sun was setting, giving my photographer's eye that beautiful 'golden hour' light which is so craves.

The kids witnessed the moon rising at one end of the sky and the sun setting on the other and they were amazed to spot them both at once.

We walked a good bit into the woods, constantly keeping our eye out for an fairy habitats and happenings, but the mist started rolling in thick and fast and I decided it was time to leave.

I won't lie, it was starting to feel a bit creepy being alone in woodland with three young children to mind and although they didn't want to leave, the promise of an ice-cream on the way home was more than enough to entice them out.

Arriving back at the car we were greeted by the most beautiful view - the mist covering the rolling green fields below us and a pinkish-purple sky with the moon hung high. I couldn't help but take more pictures, it was such a beautiful sight.

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