Monday, December 19, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 7 Months Old ♥

My darling Beau, you're now seven months old and I don't think anyone can quite believe it. That time from the first moment we met in May, to just six days from celebrating your first Christmas, has gone by in the blink of eye.

You're still such a dream baby, you never make a peep or a fuss - except if you're starving for your morning bottle and even when you do cry it's a very quiet whimper, I think you're far too happy in life for many tears! You're always laughing and smiling, even through teething and almost two weeks ago you got your first tooth, yay!

You're such a tall boy already and are growing out of clothes like there's no tomorrow. I hate having to pack up all your little baby clothes, it's just a reminder for me that you're growing up so fast.

This past month you also rolled over for the first time! I swear you were saving all your milestones for the month of December. You're now always rolling over but can't yet roll back to your back so we're constantly standing by to help you back over when you get fed up of the tummy time.

You're a lot more vocal now and have started babbling "dada" and "dad dad". I know you're not really calling for daddy but it's very cute.

You love to play and we always make you laugh with games of peek-a-boo and talking to you in a deep 'heavy metal' type voice. You're such a cheeky little one and I think you'll have a brilliant sense of humour.

You're also able to sit up unaided for a few minutes by yourself now, but you can't yet pull yourself up into sitting position. I know your dying to sit by your brother and play though, I think you're sick of lying down at this stage!

Your hair is coming on in leaps and bounds now and it's got a curl to it, so I wonder if you're going to have a head of hair like your big brother. The colour gets lighter everyday and we're not quite sure how to describe it as in the light it looks blonde, it the dark it's a light red and sometimes it looks like a light brown too, Grandma describes it as auburn and maybe she's right.

I'm so excited for you to experience your first Christmas this week. I know you won't remember any of it but you seem to enjoy looking at the lights and seeing your big brother's excitement. It's such a magical time and made all the more wonderful by you being here with us this year.

We love you prince, forever and always.


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