Friday, December 09, 2016

5 Last Minute Family Holiday Destination Ideas ♥

Ever since our first holiday as a family of four back in August, Tyler has been asking to go on holiday again. He regularly asks me when we're going to the airport or Spain again and even last night he stated that he wanted to go to London with mummy - remembering that I had gone on a press trip there last month and sadly wasn't able to bring him along.

I have to admit, Tyler's thirst for wanderlust and the dull, gloomy weather we've been having lately has made me really want to escape to sunnier climbs for a week or two too.

I've been thinking about booking a last minute family holiday and have been looking up some destinations that offer lots of winter sunshine.

The place where Tyler keeps asking to go back to and where we have great memories from our holiday back in August, Spain is a great choice when it comes to a family holiday destination. The flight isn't long, which is ideal for traveling with two small children and the weather is still lovely in the south of Spain this time of year.

This is a destination where I used to go regularly with my parents when I was a child. I remember going on holiday there the week before Christmas (coming home on Christmas Eve) and the weather was still nice and warm there. Lanzarote is such a family friendly place and the airport isn't miles away from accommodation either.

This is a place which Jacek and I would love to visit and I really love the thought of taking our boys to a new continent. Morocco always looks so beautiful and full of culture, making for a different family holiday experience. Plus, in Morocco the sunshine is guaranteed this time of year.

This is a place we've holidayed in twice now and have always had a lovely time while we were there. The beaches in Portugal are absolutely beautiful and the people are really friendly there too and just like Spain the flight isn't too long for young children either.

This a place where all my friends used to visit with their families and I've always been curious about it. The island looks so beautiful in any pictures I've ever seen of it and it's actually a destination which Jacek and I considered for our holiday back in the summer. There's also lots of historic places to visit there, making for perfect sight-seeing opportunities - just what we love as a family.

All of these destinations are perfect for soaking up some winter sunshine and there are lots of great last minute deals for all of these places too - ideal for saving some money whilst still getting a great family holiday.


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  1. You have great destination ideas here. I want to go on a family holiday again next year and because we seem to be end up in Spain all the time I would love to explore Portugal a bit more.


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