Sunday, December 18, 2016

4 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient ♥

I've spoken on the blog before about the benefits of making your house energy efficient and practicing energy efficient methods within your home. Today I thought I'd share just how to make your home more energy efficient and these methods are things that we have implemented in our own home.

Switch off and unplug 
This is such a simple thing to do but one which a lot of people avoid or neglect simply due to habit. Jacek is big on energy saving and over our last four years together he has taught me, and gotten me into the habit, of being energy conscious and remembering to switch off appliances and lights at the switch, as well as unplugging them when I'm not using them. 

For example, I don't turn on the big light now, only on rare occasion, the light from our small lamps and their LED bulbs are perfectly sufficient. Our microwave, phone chargers, tumble dryer, etc. are constantly unplugged unless we need to use them. It's such an easy thing to practice once you get into the habit of it and having things unplugged and switched off on the switch itself makes it easy to manage what energy is being used in your home while saving you money on your bills too.

Invest in energy saving windows and blinds
Blinds are an essential in our house - perfect for privacy in the evenings as we live in an estate and also perfect for these summer months for keeping light out of our sons room when he's napping and sleeping. Blinds these days are not only energy efficient but super stylish too, with brands such as VELUX offering some beautiful designs for their windows. 

Having good quality, well-fitted windows is also essential for improving the energy efficiency of your home. If your windows are old, or fitted incorrectly (which can be the case in many new build houses), then draughts will occur, making your home colder than it needs to be and essentially wasting energy from your heating system.
Make sure your home is properly insulated

This is the one area of our home which we've tried to improve on a lot over our four years of living here. We have bought insulating tape, again for very cheaply, and insulated all our windows and front door at the beginning of autumn. Doing this insures that there aren't any drafts in the house, that warmth is being kept in the house - very important if we're spending money on heating and having a fire lighting.

This is such an easy thing to do and it literally takes about half an hour to insulate windows and doors, making it easy for everyone to do to keep their home warm and a lot more energy efficient, especially during the colder months.

Switch to LED bulbs
When we moved into our house we switched every light bulb to an LED one. This has not only saved us a lot of money on your electricity bills but it's also made our home a lot more energy efficient. I used to think these kinds of bulbs were very expensive but they're actually so affordable now, we've even picked up some for the bargain price of €1.49 in our local Dealz store and they're working fantastically - definitely disproving the theory that these are a hefty expense.

These are the ways in which we make and keep our home energy efficient. Not only have these methods saved us money on our energy bills - always a big plus - but they have also made us feel good about being energy conscious too.

*This is a collaborative post on behalf of VELUX, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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