Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {November 2016} ♥

Mid-November is now upon us, and these little boys of mine have grown in so many ways. Their sibling relationship has gone from strength to strength. Tyler Lee is so protective and loving towards the baby, he's besotted by him and likes to make sure the baby is okay at all times. Due to this, I've had to stop him going into Beau's nursery and walking him up.

He likes to go into Beau's nursery first thing in the morning to see if he's awake, on occasion he's also stood on the chair next to Beau's cot to turn on his mobile and to give him his dummy, it's the sweetest thing.

Beau doesn't move at all, he's still content lying on his back playing with the hanging toys on his play mat but Tyler's dying to play with him and involve him in his little games, so we've had to compromise. I now pop Beau onto the beanbag and put his sitting near Tyler, Tyler then shows Beau all his toys, pretends to cook meals for him and bounces cuddly toys on the baby, which never fails to make him break out in a fit of giggles.

I'm so glad that Tyler has warmed to his baby brother so much. He regularly tells me how lovely he is and that he loves him so much and can get quite upset if Beau isn't around. One day I collected Tyler from preschool when my mother had Beau and he was very upset thinking I had given Beau back to the hospital! I love that he wants to include him so much and is excited to play with him, watching these two boys grow together is going to be a lot of fun, I just know it.

Beau is a very happy, patient child and I think he's such a positive thing in our lives, especially in Tyler's. I sometimes feel that Tyler is a bit misunderstood, he's not the type of child who likes to sit down for a long time and can be quite rough - not meaning to hurt anyone but just being rowdy, but Beau simply laughs at him and smiles when Tyler is being his usual self and I know he's only a baby, but I always get a sense that he knows this is how is brother is and he accepts that completely.

These pictures of the boys were taken in one of our favourite places, Blarney Castle and it's beautiful gardens. I only spotted that Tyler was holding Beau's hand when I had uploaded these onto the laptop, he wasn't prompted to do this and I love that he does these loving, caring things towards his baby brother out of instinct now.



  1. Oh what a gorgeous pair - lovely setting for photos too! They sound like they have a fantastic relationship, that will definitely blossom even more as Beau gets older xx

  2. Ahhh so beautiful. I love that Tyler thought Beau had gone back to the hospital, bless him how bloody cute is that! #Siblings

  3. They sound so beautiful together and that's the beauty of a sibling too, your sibling always understands your best intentions xx

  4. Aww, it's so great that they get along and he's so sweet to his little brother!


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