Thursday, November 24, 2016

Preparing For Christmas ♥

December is on the way, which means one thing for me - Christmas! I'm a Christmas lover, for me it really is the most magical time of year and if I could decorate my whole house with twinkling fairy lights and glittery baubles I would - by the way, isn't 'bauble' a great word to say? It just conjures up images of Christmas trees laden with shiny and glittering decorations for me. Anyone else?

This Christmas is a very special one for us as it's Beau's first Christmas. I remember Tyler's first Christmas being such a lovely time for us all and I've wonderful memories from that time (you can read about Tyler's first Christmas here), so I want the same for Beau. I have lots of ideas for little keepsake photo shoots I want to do with him and his big brother - I've been pinning ideas away on Pinterest and am so inspired, I just hope I have time to do them all. I also have all of his gifts, I just need to wrap them up - if only I could find the time!

The one thing I need to get him is his very own Christmas stocking. Years ago I got us all beautiful handmade burlap stockings with baby blue designs for Jacek and Tyler and pale pink with polkadots for me (you can see them here) and when we had Beau I got in touch with the lady who made them to see if she could do one for him, but sadly she's not making them this year, I'm so sad!

Our decorations always go up on December 1st and this year I want to make the house especially cosy and festive. I want to have lots of lights around the place, get a beautiful wreath for the door as well as some new festive red flowers for outside the door too. Trees will be going into Beau's and Tyler's bedrooms as well as the main one down here and Beau's will be a white tree with baby blue 'My 1st Christmas' decorations, the same ones we had for Tyler.

I want new soft furnishings and Christmas decorations for the living room and have been searching online for some beautiful, festive pieces. Matalan in particular have a great range of affordable Christmas decorations and using Matalan discount codes means I get to save even more pennies for Christmas while still being able to decorate my house with pretty things.

This week I wrote our first Christmas cards, now on their way to South Africa. I even went the extra mile and drew some holly on the envelopes - I don't know where the artistic inspiration came from but I was happy to embrace it.

I've also been looking up some festive recipes and want to make lots of treats for the boys. This year I just really want to go the extra mile to make everything special for everyone because we'll never get this time back and I want it to be the best it can possibly be for us all.

I'm also debating whether or not to join in with Vlogmas now we have a new found love for vlogging but I don't want to begin something and then not be able to devote as much time as I would like to it.

Whatever happens this Christmas I know it'll be wonderful. Jacek and I have lots of surprises for the boys and most importantly, we all have each other and celebrating together and snuggling up on the couch with the boys watching some festive TV and movies will be all that we really need.


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  1. I love preparing for christmas although it can be quite stressful :-)


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