Thursday, November 17, 2016

Polarn O. Pyret Party Print Collection ♥

One of our favourite children's clothing brands, Polarn O. Pyret, have recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and to coincide with this great celebration they've released a gorgeous, fun and colourful limited edition collection with a gorgeous party print.

My boys were very kindly sent some pieces with the party print and I love that they're twinning in these, after all, twinning is winning! Something that I love about Polarn O. Pyret is that the clothes they offer are available in baby and bigger kid sizes for the same item, meaning that I can match the boys in what they're wearing - a fun parenting privilege that I'm more than happy to indulge in!

The party print is just what you'd imagine it to be - FUN! It features a range of cool characters, all with something of a party theme - birthday cake, balloons, musical instruments, presents... The print also features bunting and I just love bunting!

The colour splashes of yellow, blue, pink and purple on the cream backdrop is so lovely to me. This print is perfect for boys and girls alike and as always, the clothes are made of fantastic quality - a trait which I've always found in Polarn O. Pyret's offerings.

I love this print and although my boys weren't really cooperating in the picture stakes, I think these shots capture the whimsy and fun feeling that the print on the clothing has given us.

Beau is wearing the Party Print Trousers (£14) and the Party Print Baby Top (£16).
Tyler is wearing the Party Print Kids Top (£20) and Striped Kids Leggings (£18).



  1. Aww the boys look absolutely gorgeous in these outfit and I love it when parents do the twinning with clothes though I hated it when I grew up lol

  2. I have to say I only recently discovered the lovely Polarn O Pyret range but really do love it and their whole ethos, gorgeous prints too!

  3. Oh my days! Where have I been! I am off to have a nosy on their site now, what beautiful clothes and what beautiful boys modelling them :) x

  4. Some beautiful pictures there, I'm now off to Polarn O Pyret to see if I can dress my two! I had never heard of them, thanks for the heads up!

  5. We were sent some Polarn o Pyret from some friends when our third was born. It is the first time I've had their clothes. I was really impressed with the quality of them x

  6. I absolutely love the prints they are gorgeous. Even better is your new blog header, I have been away for a while and your blog looks even better than ever.

  7. How cute are they both? So adorable! I love the print and the little pops of colour it gives. And I LOVE your blog header - caught my eye straight away.

  8. First, your kids are ADORABLE! Second, oh my gosh I love those prints! Do they come in grown up size? :D


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