Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Me & Mine | {October 2016} ♥

I'm taking part in Me & Mine again this month, even though the only picture of us all looking at the camera is a terrible one, but I'm all for being candid and our lives aren't perfect so at least the picture is being realistic! Also, Jacek isn't included again this month as Santa hasn't delivered my tripod yet, but once again he's included by actually taking the photo (and changing the ISO settings which made it all grainy... oh Jacek!).

I also swear I'm not mid-conversation with my three year old here, talking some crap about Paw Patrol to try and get him look at the camera... honest!

I've learnt since we had Beau, that getting two young children to look at the camera at the same time and produce a nice picture is a mammoth task - one that can break you into a sweat quicker than an hours workout at the gym. No wonder I'm getting slimmer!

October has been a very busy month for us, don't ask me what we did, I don't even know. But what I do know is that morning comes around way too quickly for my liking and I'm suffering from lack of sleep. Why is it always morning?! Why don't these kids enjoy a lie in?! Sleep is our friend boys, embrace it, please!

This month Jacek is loving:
Picking up new books for the boys in TkMaxx - so many bargains.
Making soup and having people actually eat it for once - no waste here!
Spending some time on his own with the boys.
Doling out sweets to the trick-or-treaters.

This month I'm loving:
Walks in the woods with my boys.
Capturing some lovely pictures.
New opportunities with the blog.
Falling in love with Instagram again. 

This month Tyler is loving:
Going to Naíonra every morning.
Making new friends.
Playing with his friends every Friday at the softplay.
Kinder Eggs.

This month Beau is loving:
Having people speak to him in silly voices.
Being swaddled up.
Sitting with his big brother.
Camomile syrup.

The Me and Mine Project



  1. Ahh those curls and that baby face making me broody. So gorgeous. #meandmineproject


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