Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Me & Mine {November 2016} ♥

It's Me & Mine time and this month I'm sharing our first photos as a family of four - yay! They only took six months to capture and I don't know why we never used the self-timer on the camera before but we'll be using it a lot more often from now on.

This months pictures were actually Tyler's idea. If I'm honest, I had completely forgot about taking pictures for Me & Mine, but when we were out walking yesterday in the woods Tyler really wanted to take some family pictures - I was so surprised by this as he usually hates getting his picture taken, but I'm so happy he's finally embracing the camera.

I love how these pictures turned out, getting four people to look at the camera all at one is a hard task but I think we did okay for a first try!

November has been such a busy month for us but we did manage to have one family day out to Gougane Barra which was so lovely. We've also been preparing for Christmas and I'm so looking forward to it this year, we have lots of surprises in store for the boys and I know it's just going to be  amazing.

This month Jacek is loving:
Watching The Grand Tour
Visiting a new place
Christmas shopping

This month I'm loving:
Having dinner out with Jacek
Getting organised for Christmas

This month Tyler is loving:
Playing cars and garages
Having a sleepover with Nana
Playing pretend with his toy kitchen and food

This month Beau is loving:
Playing horsey on mummy's lap
Weaning - he loves all the food!

The Me and Mine Project



  1. Yay he is finally in the picture :) Gorgeous family photos. #meandmine

  2. Oh look at those curls!! These are gorgeous photos - well done Tyler! xx #MeandMine

  3. What lovely family captures here. I love the matching and coordinating outfits too babes. Looks fab. #meandmineproject

  4. Love that little red bobble hat and Tyler's red coat - beautiful! My eldest loves sleepovers at his grandparents house too. Lovely photos xx


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