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Maxi Cosi Axissfix Plus Car Seat | Review ♥

A car seat is one of those essential items that every parent needs for their new baby, and in most cases, it's the first proper baby product you'll use with them when you're taking your precious newborn on that first journey from the hospital to home.

Every parent wants to ensure that their baby's car seat is the safest it can possibly be. However, parents also want convenience when it comes to their baby's car seat too, as it's an essential item that will most probably be used on a daily basis and nobody has time, let alone a busy parent, to be faffing about with products that take an age to fit into the car, buckle up and be secured safely.

There's a new car seat on the market that offers optimum safety for children as well as the convenience factor for their parents - the Maxi Cosi Axissfix Plus. This car seat can be used from birth up until approximately 4 years of age, so it also offers quite a bit of longevity too - something I always look for when it comes to baby products.

This will be Beau's car seat for the foreseeable future and as I take him the car everyday for the school run, errands and other appointments we have to go to, we've been able to put the Maxi Cosi Axissfix Plus through it's paces the past few weeks.

For the purposes of this review I'm using pictures provided by Maxi Cosi, purely because my car is a three door and I just couldn't show off how great this car seat is properly through the seats, but it really is great as the below video demonstrates.

Safety Aspects:
The Axissfix Plus offers 360 degree rotation for easy use and access to baby. The 360 degree rotation makes it a whole lot easier to place baby securely into their car seat and to ensure that they're fitted in safely and properly with the 5-point integral safety harness.

This car seat also offers rearward-facing travel for up to two years for enhanced protection of the child's head and neck. The headrest of the seat has high impact impact-absorbing material for extra protection for the head in case of lateral impact.

The ISOFIX system with Top Tether enables very easy and safe car seat installation. There are also indicators to monitor the correct installation of the ISOFIX anchors and an indicator to monitor the correct tightening of the Top Tether. There's also an Automatic Safety Belt to maintain the perfect connection of the base and the seat together.

With all these details I think it's quite clear that Maxi Cosi have really focused on safety with this car seat and as a parent, it's very reassuring to know that a brand has done all it possibly can to help me keep my baby safe in the car.

As I said above, a car seat is usually the first proper product you'll use with your baby to take them home and the Axissfix Plus ensures maximum comfort with newborns (up to 4 months) with it's cosy enveloping inlay.

It also offers 7 positions headrest adjustment to give your child the perfect fit in their car seat, as well as 4 reclining positions both ways to give your child maximum comfort when travelling - this is a great feature for if they're prone to falling asleep in the car.

The seat itself is well padded and very comfortable for little ones, it also offers padded shoulder, belt and crotch pads.

The video below gives a quick look at the seat in use.

The Maxi Cosi Axissfix Plus car seat is a product which I would definitely recommend to other parents, especially those who are looking for longevity when it comes to a car seat. This car seat offers optimum safety for baby, which, as someone who has to use my car on a daily basis, is a very reassuring thing. I know that if, God forbid, we were ever involved in an accident, Beau would be protected in the seat.

I'll admit, when I first saw the car seat it looked very complicated to me and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to manage it at all, but it's actually been fine and after a few practices with moving the seat and popping Beau into it a few times, it was fine - and my car is a three door is I had even more of a challenge!
The Maxi Cosi Axissfix is €499 and in my opinion, worth every penny.

*We were sent this product for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. Pictures and video courtesy of Maxi Cosi.


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