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People love expressing their creativity and personality through interior design. Whether it’s the gothic colours and furniture you have in a dining room so that you feel as though every meal is a banquet, or the soothing green colours you have in your bedroom to send you off to sleep, every room in the house is a reflection of you.

When it comes to the bathroom, this certainly isn’t any different, and if you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do, you’ll know that there are some stunning designs out there. Although we’d all like to have a rainforest shower with a view of the beach, hopefully today’s post will give you some more realistic advice when it comes to designing that perfect dream bathroom.

Think about functionality
Although you want your bathroom to look like something straight out of an interiors magazine, you have to first think about practicality. Although that beautiful, minimalistic bathroom suite is what you’ve always wanted, what’s the point if you have nowhere to store your towels, toiletries and so on, that you use every day?

It’s important that you factor in all of these basic needs first; the amount of storage you’ll need, whether there’s enough space to put a heated towel rail next to the shower, and how much space is available to open a shower door, should all be top considerations. Plus, think about what the people in your household might need. For example, if there is anyone in your home who has back or leg problems, you may want to opt for a separate shower cubicle so that they don’t have to constantly climb in and out of a bathtub.

What kind of a household are you?
Speaking of those you live with, the kind of people in your household will affect how you design the bathroom. If you have children, you’ll need to make sure there’s ample storage provision for their bath toys. You’ll want to make bath time a fun experience for them whilst keeping things organised, so you might decide to introduce fun colour schemes or themes into the design. If you’re a young couple instead, would it help to have a double-sink? Young professionals mostly work 9-5 jobs, and if you both have the same morning routine where you need to use the sink at the same time, it will become an argument.

What’s your style?
Of course, the biggest factor of all is your style. If you’ve been dreaming of your bathroom for months then you’ll already have this firmly in mind, but if you’re not sure where you want to go with the overall look, start by doing an online search for a variety of bathroom suites. As you start to pick and choose the ones you like, you’ll begin to build a picture of the tiles that will work, the colours that match it, and then you can visit a showroom nearby to see these products in person before you buy.

What’s your idea of a dream bathroom?

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