Monday, November 28, 2016

Creating An Online Money Pot With Leetchi ♥

Have you ever been part of a group fund - you know, for example, when someone's leaving for a new job or if someone's organising a baby shower for a friend or family member and everyone's asked to chip in for a gift? I have, plenty of times and most of the time it's plain sailing...

But then there are times when the person collecting the money has to chase people for their contribution and has trouble keeping up with who owes what or what's needed to make up the difference and everything just becomes a lot of hassle for them and everyone involved, making you wonder why you bothered going to the effort of it all at all in the first place.

I think we've all been in that position before, but thankfully someone has come up with a solution to organising a group fund, in the form of - an easy and secure interface that allows anyone to create a money pot to which they can invite others to participate in with the aim of financing anything they like.

Leetchi is the leading European service for online group money collection and since it's founding in 2009, the site has gained 6 million users, and counting...

With Leetchi money pot you can turn your projects into a reality from buying group gifts - birthday, baby shower, wedding gifts, etc. or organising events to support charity, as well as so much more. I think Leetchi really is a great idea and is perfect of taking the hassle out of dealing with a group of people and handling money too, making gift giving what it really should be in the first place - a happy and joyful experience!

I also think it's ideal for raising money for charity as it can be used by people worldwide as well as closer to home, so it's perfect for raising funds for local charities or those further afield too.

So how does it work? It's all quite simple and in just a few clicks a user can set up their own money pot and invite friends, family and other groups of people to join and participate. Each person can chip into the money pot by using their bank card and once the money is raised, Leetchi users can spend their funds as they so wish.

As well as the personal money pot options, Leetchi also has a public money pot page, which allows users to discover money pots which were set up with the purpose of supporting charitable causes, non-profit organisations and personal crowdfunding projects too.

Leetchi has now partnered with Amazon UK, which is a perfect retailer to find a gift for someone who you may be setting up a personal money pot for.

As someone who has lots of family and friends overseas I can see Leetchi being very useful for us all to raise funds for special events within our family or friend group. It will allow us all to chip in for something special and let someone know we care for them, without any hassle at all - and this sounds just perfect to me.

You can find out more information about on their website, or on their Twitter @LeetchiUK and Facebook @LeetchiUK for regular updates.

*This is a collaborative post. 


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