Wednesday, November 23, 2016

5 Ways I Use Flowers in My Photography ♥

I love flowers and I think it's safe to say, if you've followed my blog for some time now, you'll have noticed that I use flowers in a lot of different ways in my photography. Today I thought I'd share these ways, to give some inspiration to anyone else who may be looking to add some beautiful floral aspect to the pictures they take.

Photo styling
I use flowers in almost every photo I take for the blog. Whether it be a picture of a cake I've just baked, a simple picture of things I've been loving lately or even just a picture of a book I've been enjoying recently, I always make sure there's a floral element to my photo styling. I think it's something which has become very identifiable to my particular photography and I think that's a lovely aspect to have when it comes to an artform such as photography, you want to make it as true to you as you possibly can and as a flower lover I can't help but include some beautiful flowers in my photos.

Home decor
If I have to take a picture in a particular room for a post I always make sure that there's fresh flowers in there. I find they make the room look much fresher and just give a much more appealing look to everything, as well as providing a nice subject for the photo background. I always have fresh flowers in my house, I get new ones on a weekly basis and they make the place look so much cheerier. Bloom Magic have some beautiful flowers, including stunning coloured roses in hat boxes which I'm totally lusting over for my house.

I always use flowers as part of my flatlays. They're a great element to add to a picture and they can give a great injection of colour. It's also great to use flowers as part of flatlays if you're trying to stick to a colour theme, especially for Instagram, as there's so many varieties and shades to choose from.

Product reviews
This kind of falls into what I said about photo styling above. I started using flowers as part of my product reviews years ago and they really help to make a picture 'Pinterest-worthy', perfect for enticing people to want to look at your post. I always add a picture to my tweets too and find that a pretty picture makes people more inclined to click on the post link too.

Baby updates
Since Beau was three was months old I've been using flowers to mark out the number of months he is. This is something I wish I had done for the first two monthly updates too as the twelve of them would have made a lovely collage. Using flowers to mark out the numbers is a lovely and unique way of taking your baby's monthly update pictures and the best thing is you can make them seasonal too if you so wish.



  1. If you want me to I will photoshop your flower number into the two month old picture you have of him with the books, if you send me a picture of a flower #2. Also if you send me a flower #1 and if you have a one month old picture that has room for the flower 1 I can combine the pictures for you so you have all 12 months. No charge or anything like that just from one mom to another. If would only take me 2 minutes and I know I would love for someone to be able to help with something like that if I needed it! You can contact me if you are interested Amanda at PancakePresents and the dot com of course, I don't want to get spammed! Thanks and I just came across your blog and it's very nice.

  2. I love the freshness of each of your photos. I am terrible with keeping flowers alive though lol


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