Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {October 2016} ♥

Another month has gone by in no time at all and my little boys have now been siblings for a whole five months.

Their relationship has grown so much this month, Tyler now refers to Beau as being his best friend, he affectionately calls him Beauzie Boozie - just like I do, and he wants Beau to participate in games and playtime, not yet understanding that Beau can't sit up on his own.

I'm delighted to see him so willingly wanting his baby brother to join in with all the fun, I think once Beau is able to sit up and move around that their relationship will grown even more.

Tyler is very proud of the baby, declaring to anyone we meet that - "This is my baby brother" and he's also been speaking about him at school too. He's wanting to be around Beau a whole lot more and is now willing to hold him and get photographs taken with him without me having to offer countless bribes - thank goodness for this!

Beau still smiles anytime he sees or hears Tyler, he's also taken an interest into watching him playing, waiting for the day when he can join in too.

Tyler's protectiveness of Beau hasn't gone away either, when my mother took Beau with her shopping during the week Tyler was frantically asking - "Where's Beau" and searching around the house for him. He's also wanted to go into Beau's nursery once he's gone to bed to "check if he's alright" - something I won't allow as I know he'll wake him up, but it's very sweet nonetheless.

They're both growing so much at the moment and I'm really looking forward to the day when they can play together, I know it's what Tyler wants more than anything in the world, and I have a feeling, from his endless stares as Tyler plays with his dinkies and as he does his imaginary games, that Beau is very much looking forward to all the playtime fun with his big brother too.



  1. They sound like they will be the best of friends forever. It's great to watch them grow and change together isn't it? As they get older it will be amazing to watch them play together more and more. That's one of my favorite things about watching my two grow up and bond. #siblingsproject

    1. Oh I really hope so, I'd be that happiest mummy alive if they grew to be best friends. It really is so great, especially as Tyler was a bit wary and upset about sharing me at first. It'll be great when they can interact together some more. I'm so looking forward to it all.

  2. It is so lovely when they are the best of friends isn't it, even if the littlest doesnt have much of a choice! My two are the same x

  3. What a wonderful big brother Tyler is! The relationship will become even more exciting the older Beau gets - my two are little two peas in a pod now and it's lovely to watch xx

    1. Thank you so much. Your two seem so close, I hope my boys will be like that also x

  4. Ahhh this is just adorable!!! Beau is so like him in so many ways. I love their little outfits, such stylish little guys you have! x

  5. Hello Fiona, I stumble upon your wonderful blog and couldn't resist to share some pictures of your beautiful boy Tyler enjoying himself between the wild flowers. If it's OK, let me know. All pictures of your little boys are wonderful. you must be a very proud mother. Thank you Fiona. Regards from Down Under.


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