Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 5 Months Old ♥

My darling Beau, you are now five months old. You're growing up far too quickly my love, I feel like time is zooming right by us, all our days melting into one due to all our busyness, routine and adventures. I feel as though the days just whirl past us and I swear you seem to have gotten bigger every morning when I go to greet you in your cot, your adorably smiley face beaming back at me as I say "Good morning. Hello I said, I said hello..." - this never fails to get a great big grin from you.

You're still the most joyous, happiest little person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your joy is contagious and even though you're only five months old you genuinely seem to be the type of person who has a joy and thirst for life.

Placidity is another trait you have on equal measure with joy. You're so chilled, relaxed and laid back. You haven't even begun to try and roll over yet because you're too happy just lying on your back, watching us all being busy around you.

We all call you 'Beauzie Boozie' now, I'm awfully sorry for that but it just slips off the tongue now and Tyler takes delight in calling you it too. We may even add the word 'potatoes' after your nickname too, don't ask me why because I really don't know why but it seems to make you smile.

During the week I gave you your first taste of food, cherry and yogurt being flavours you seem to like, however, we're going to have two big problems when it comes to weaning - the fact that you just won't open your mouth for food and that you won't hold food and bring it up to your mouth, I don't know how I'm going to feed you at all.

Even though you're now five months old you still have such an air of being a tiny baby to me. I think it's maybe because your not moving around - although you do love to do your little wiggly dance anytime I get the camera out or speak in funny voices to you, you think I'm hilarious by the way, thanks for that!

You want to be in my arms a lot, but I'm not complaining, you may be my last baby and I want to savor all this time I have with you in my arms before you become as independent as your big brother.

You're bothered these days by your teeth. Teething has really stepped up a gear for you and you constantly need to have your hand in your mouth or you dummy to comfort you. I can feel lots of little toothy pegs on your gums and I feel for you, I really do because you don't yet know how to hold things up to your mouth so I can't even give you any teething toys to ease your pain, but we'll get through it and soon you'll have some lovely pearly whites.

That little head of yours is sprouting more and more hair these days. It seems to grow overnight and I do wonder if you're going to have the same tight ringlet curls as your big brother... only time will tell. Your hair has changed from red to what I describe as an oaty colour, I think you may be going blonde but I may be wrong. Everybody loves to comment on your hair colour, it's a hot topic it seems!

My little Beau, you're such a joy. The happiest cheeky chappy I could have ever wished for. Please don't ever change, stay your smiley self forever.



  1. Oh my days what adorable photos! I absolutely love the second one down, what a cheeky little chappy Beau is.
    Absolutely beautiful :) x

  2. He sounds like such a delight, such a happy content little boy. Five months have flown by! xx

  3. Oh he is just the most precious little thing! Beauzie adorable! <3

    He sounds a lot like Sailor with the placidity and happiness! And Sailor was just the same, didn't roll for ages...why bother when there's so much to happy about just laying there?! They have the right idea I think!

    Ha oh my goodness, when there's a hint of red in their hair people just LOVE to talk about's all I ever hear about with Noah! I had no idea it was so interesting lol. xx

  4. He is growing so fast, what a happy chappy. Hope the teething process isn't too painful for you all

  5. omg what a beautiful post, I'm sure he will love to read this when he grows up. He is such a cutie pie, so sweet xx

  6. He is just totally divine and these 5 months have flown by, I had to re-read your headline twice to double check it is say 5 months x

  7. Beanie booze is ADORABLE! May God bless him! I have been feeling broody every now and then! I want another baby my sanity is holding me back! My little man is definitely a handful!

  8. This is such an adorable post, that gorgeous smile so cute yet cheeky as the same time x X


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