Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {September 2016} ♥

"A kiss from the angel that I call my brother"

Another month has passed us by far too quickly, and my two little siblings are growing so much at the moment. Their relationship is still quite distant, which is quite sad, but also understandable as Tyler Lee is so busy and Beau is just a baby, not yet able to interact as much as he'd like to - and believe me when I say he'd like to!
The little rogue is not yet four months old and is already trying to sit up. I have it in my mind that he's so eager to sit up as it'd allow him to watch what Tyler Lee is doing, after all, the baby looks at him as though he hung the moon and always smiles when he sees or hears his big brother.

Tyler Lee can take or leave Beau. He always says hello and good morning to him, but other interaction during the day has to be prompted by me. I find it really strange because when we're out in public he won't allow anyone to speak to Beau, he tells them that he's his baby and they must go away. He's quite protective over the baby.

During the week Beau went shopping with my mother and grandmother and when we picked Tyler Lee up from school he thought we had taken Beau back to the hospital, something which he was none to happy about, once again telling us that he was his baby brother.

Also, when Beau got a bit of a fright on our walk in the woods and started crying quite loudly this prompted Tyler Lee to begin crying too, telling me later that Beau being upset had made him very sad. I think he loves his baby brother very much, he's just not able to show it physically a lot at the moment because he doesn't know how to interact with someone so small who is only able to lay down.

Tyler Lee was very affectionate towards his friend's ten month old little brother when we called to their house during the week, helping him with his toys, saying hello and giving him a kiss and hug, so I'm confident that once Beau is sitting up and moving around they'll be the best of friends.

This past month the boys have been on their first holiday together and I'm already looking forward to all the other little holidays they'll be able to enjoy together whilst growing up.

It's so lovely to have two little boys - even if the house is very loud at times and always in a mess, we're happy and they're just wonderful and that's all that matters.


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  1. Such a gorgeous photo. I remember feeling the same when my youngest was born as my eldest wasn't all that fussed but it's actually pretty amazing that they have this protective nature and are confident that they are just accepting. And now my two are so so close I wondered how they haven't always been! x


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