Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Trampoline Designed With Your Child's Safety in Mind ♥

If you are searching around online for the safest trampoline then you should definitely think about taking a look at the trampolines manufactured by companies that actually care about the health and welfare of children, and not just the bottom line. Since its invention in 1936, traditional trampoline design had not changed. In fact, it failed to keep kids safe; exposed metal frames and springs could cause scratches, cuts, bumped heads, sprained extremities, and even severe pinches — or worse.

Frustrated by the laundry list of regular injuries associated with trampolines, father and mechanical engineer Keith Alexander (who currently sits on the ASTM Standards Committee on trampolines) created a revolutionary new design in 2004, allowing children to play safely without their parents having to carpet the backyard with pillows in an effort to improve trampoline safety.

Springfree Trampoline has taken Alexander’s revolutionary design and manufactured the safest trampoline, one that compensates for many of the more dangerous design flaws present in typical trampoline models. As the safest in the market, they have earned awards like the International Design Award, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, and the US Family Choice Award. There are a number of key features present in the design that have helped the company set new industrystandards for safety.Springfree Trampoline featuring the tgoma tablet app also encourages your children to combine screen time with outdoor play time, much to the pleasure of parents.

They use a SoftEdgemat that boasts shock absorbance level 30 times higher than the foam pads affixed to the frames ofnormal trampolines. The edge of the mat is then encircled by a FlexiNet that helps catch and deflect any who might otherwise go tumbling to the ground. Instead they bounce back onto the safe, shock absorbent mass of the SoftEdge mat.

 The thicker SoftEdge mat is supported by a unique hidden steel frame. Unlike traditional exposed frames most people are familiar with, the hidden frame supports the trampoline from below with a ring under the edges of the jumping mat. This protects children from coming into contact with the metallic support structure, which is the cause of most trampoline related injuries. What makes this design possible is the replacement of the metallic, horizontal springs with flexible composite rods that are woven into the ring that supports the SoftEdge, providing a signature bounce while protecting jumpers from ever coming into contact with the frame and eliminating springs altogether.

In a further effort to support the health and welfare of kids all over America, Springfree has introduced tgoma, a revolutionary new trampoline-based digital gamedevice, creating the world’s first smart trampoline. According to leading experts, kids today are spending more than 60 hours per week on screen consuming media and less than an hour playing outside. The interactive tgoma system taps into the natural desire children have for interactive gaming through competition, and takes it outside into the fresh air. As the world’s premier outdoor interactive digital gamesystem, tgomaencourages kids to go outside and be active — introducing a new way to play on the trampoline.

Not only are these trampolines the safest, but they also have the benefit of being highly weather resistant. The waterproof mat and steel frame are highly resistant to heat, rust, and staining due to exposure. This combination of safety and durability help make Springfree the best option available for your family.


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