Sunday, September 04, 2016

Our Month That Was... | August 2016 ♥

We're now well into September and this post should have been written days ago, but I honestly am struggling to find time for my little blog now that I have two little boys who need all my attention and care throughout the day and by the time they're in bed I'm too exhausted to write a post, promote it, etc. Maybe it'll get better once Tyler starts back in school on Thursday but I'm struggling to fit everything in at the moment!

It's time to reflect back on our month that was August 2016. A month where we had a big milestone for our little family - we went on our first holiday abroad together as a family of four to the lovely Torremolinos in Spain. I've written all about it here, so do pop over for a read if you think it's a place you might want to visit with your own loved ones.

I hope all these family holidays will instill a sense of wanderlust in my boys, making them want to explore the world around them throughout their lives. I'm already anticipating another holiday or break away, it was so good to get away from home and I really wish we could get away more often.

In August we also discovered a beautiful sunflower field at the back of our island and couldn't help stopping by there twice to take some pictures. I captured some beautiful pictures of the boys there together, which I used for their siblings in August post.

Our little Beau turned three months old in August and I don't think any of us can quite believe how quickly he's growing up. I don't think I'm ready for him to turn four months old this month, it seems as though I've blinked and my newborn has disappeared!

We didn't have as many days out as I'd have liked during August. I still haven't made it to The Burren or Co. Kerry so I guess that'll all have to be put off until next summer. We've been trying to get Tyler ready for back to school as he begins Naíonra on Thursday. We've been struggling to get him fully potty trained - he's actually afraid of the toilet it seems. We've also been trying to teach him to ride his bike and trike, but he hates been shown how to do things so has been walking along whilst sitting on them - hilarious! Hopefully he'll learn soon and can go cycling to his hearts content.

Goodbye August, you brought so many wonderful memories for our family. September, please be good to us...



  1. I struggled with Elliot and potty training, he was so scared of weeing on the potty or the toilet. (Well number 2s aswell but that was another issue!). In the end he was getting so upset that I just left it for a few months and fortunately he did manage to get there eventually! Good luck with it, it's not a pleasant experience is it! Sounds like you've had a lovely August, I need to do a similar post about our summer hols as they have just gone by so fast! xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Elaine. Tyler is the same now, the number 2's are the problem, peeing is no problem to him and he's dry every morning when he wakes up but trying to get him to go to the toilet to poo is just not happening. Potty training is the worst part of parenting for me, I can deal with ALL the tantrums that he can throw at me, but this is just hard. I hope you get your post written soon, I'd love a read :) x


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