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Home Decor | Using Flooring To Make A Room Appear Bigger ♥

Most people have a small room in their home that they would like to look bigger. Using clever design tricks, like including a big mirror that catches the eye as people enter, make a huge difference to the look and feel of this type of room and these are things which I have implemented in my own home to make the small rooms appear bigger than they actually are.

There are many other ways to make a room appear bigger. Tricks that people are aware of, and employ when they redecorate a small space. However, an element of home decor that many people overlook when decorating small rooms is the floor and this is a real shame, because choosing the right flooring can make a huge difference to how big a room looks.

The width of the planks matter - If you have a small room, opting for a wood style floor is a good idea. The lines help to draw the eye, which helps it to appear larger than it actually is.
However, you need to be careful. In a small room, the width of the planks is an especially important consideration.

Opting for wider planks really helps. There are fewer lines, which creates a less fussy pattern, which looks cleaner, less cluttered, and fresher.

Choose larger tiles
If you are going to opt for a tile or stone floor, use the same principle as above. The bigger the tiles or slabs are, the less fussy the pattern is, so the bigger the room appears.

Opt for darker colours
This one is counterintuitive, but it works. Richer and darker colours advance the eye, they make the space seem warmer, more vibrant, and inviting. However, it is also important to couple a dark floor with light coloured walls. The contrast helps to make the room appear bigger.

Use the same flooring in other areas
If you can, use the same flooring materials in the spaces that are adjacent to your small room. Doing so provides continuity for the eye, and mind. This gives the illusion that the small room is a part of a much bigger space.

Opt for a high gloss finish
In most rooms, a high gloss finish is best. This is because in small spaces light is especially important. You need to make the most of the little light that is available. Using a glossy finish will reflect some of the light back into the room, which will help it to seem brighter, and therefore more spacious.

Buy high quality flooring
In a tight space, it is especially important to use the best materials, and get the finish 100% right. This is because even the tiniest flaw will be highly visible in a small room.

You can easily source high quality flooring from www.discountflooringdepot.co.uk. Unusually, this firm will send you samples before you buy, which allows you to determine whether the quality, look and feel of the product you are thinking of buying is right.

For more information about using colour, and other decorating tricks to make a room appear larger, there's lots of helpful tips and tricks in this article.

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