Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Frugi Up And Away Cosy Toes Gift Set | #FrugiFamily ♥

It's now September and autumn has well and truly arrived here in Ireland, which means that it's time for us, once again, to share with you some gorgeous offerings from Frugi as part of our #FrugiFamily role. This is our third assignment as part of the #FrugiFamily - something I'm very proud to be a part of and as Beau is the newest addition to our family I thought it was time to include him within the Frugi loveliness - plus, their baby clothes are just too cute to resist!

Just in case you're not already aware of the brand, Frugi is a very popular clothing brand amongst parents and their little ones alike. Parents love the good quality, long-lasting and super soft feeling of Frugi's gorgeous clothing, while little ones fall in love with the bright, joyous colours and fun prints which have become a staple of the Frugi brand. Frugi's clothes, in my opinion, embody the spirit of childhood and I love seeing Tyler Lee, and now Beau, sporting their fun and colourful clothing.

As part of our #FrugiFamily role we were asked to choose something from Frugi's gorgeous new autumn range to share here on the blog. Whilst browsing through the website one outfit in particular really stood out to me - the Up and Away Cosy Toes Gift Set (£29.50) I don't know if it was bright pops of yellow and blue or the gorgeous penguin holding a balloon amongst the clouds print that caught my eye, but I really couldn't resist picking this gift set for my baby boy. 

I love dressing my baby in complete outfits and it's not often that I can find a hat to fit Beau when it comes as part of a gift set - why do they always come minuscule sized, but I'm delighted to report that this Frugi one fits him and it even has a bit of growing space left in it too. 

Another issue I've had when getting clothes for Beau is that they often come up too short on him as he's very long. I was apprehensive about getting the 3-6 months for him, but knowing that Frugi have generous sizings I went for it anyway and I'm glad I did because he still has plenty of room in the 3-6 months, the 6-9 would have drowned him at this stage. I love that Frugi give the correct size for kids, it's so disheartening to buy something and have it only last for one wear before it's grown out of. Beau will get lots of wear out of his adorable Up and Away Cosy Toes Gift Set.

The print is so whimsical to me - a penguin clutching a yellow balloon, what could be lovelier? The bright yellow and blue will definitely brighten up our autumn days too. This gift set will definitely be keeping Beau's toes cosy on these colder days.

Once again, a great big thank you to Frugi for asking us to be part of the #FrugiFamily. It's a role we're really enjoying and we love featuring their colourful creations here on the blog once a new season has greeted us.



  1. This is absolutely adorable. We adore fungi clothes but this outfit makes me want a baby so I can buy it x

  2. This print is so perfect! I wish my little people were still tiny enough to fit in it!

  3. Wow lucky you. Their range looks gorgeous. I wish I had a small one to dress. Lol but two is enough. ;) I carry on with Chloe's a million leggings.


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