Friday, September 16, 2016

Family Holiday 2017 | Destination Ideas ♥

Jacek and I love to travel, and a sense of wanderlust is something we also want to instill into our boys. We're fortunate enough to be able to go on a family holiday every year, it's something we save up for all year round and it's something we always look forward to.

We're just back from our first holiday as a family of four, which you can read all about here. It was a last minute booking - we weren't planning on going on holiday initially as I was due Beau and we thought he'd be too young to take away, but in the end we threw caution to the wind and booked a great, last minute deal.

Booking a last minute deal can be a great way of saving money and still getting the accommodation and location you wanted to holiday at in the first place. The Falcon blog has great information on the savvy way to book a last minute holiday - a must read for anyone who's like us and loves a bargain when it comes to travel.

Even though we're just back from holiday, we've already begun thinking about and saving for our next and there's a few destinations that are at the forefront of our minds right now.

Croatia | This is somewhere which I actually suggested we go two years ago as it's not an overly popular tourist destination but every picture I've seen of it looks beautiful and I've only ever heard positive things about it from anyone I know who's visited. I know Jacek would love the culture and sight-seeing there and the boys and I would love the beaches, so it'd be a perfect holiday destination to please us all.

Mexico | This is actually a destination which Jacek suggested the other day and another which I've only ever heard great things about. The white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters are definitely enticing me to want to visit. Being history lovers we'd also love to see the Mayan ruins and immerse ourselves in Mexican culture. Plus I've never traveled out of Europe before so Mexico seems like the perfect destination for people like myself who want to broaden their horizons.

Jamaica | Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted to visit Jamaica, or any of the Caribbean islands to be honest. Any pictures I've ever seen of the island look like paradise on Earth and it's the perfect destination for us all to sit back, relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters. I think if we do get married, it'd be the perfect honeymoon destination too and the perfect place to soak up the sun and just enjoy life for a week or two.

Those are my top three family holiday destinations for next year. Venturing to a destination outside of Europe for the first time would be amazing, but if that doesn't work out for us then Croatia is a great European destination to consider. The fact that it's a bit of an undiscovered gem really appeals to me.

Where are you and yours planning to visit for your family holiday next year?

*Destination images courtesy of Falcon.


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  1. I always end up going to Spain but I really want to try out Portugal next year.


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