Wednesday, September 28, 2016

East Coast Nursery 360° Dreamer Rocker - Solitaire | Review ♥

As the mother of a young baby, I'm always looking for ways to keep him happy and entertained, but also comfortable, knowing that he could fall asleep at any moment. We were recently sent a product that just does that, as it is designed to be a comfortable place for baby to play, rest and sleep in - the 360° Dreamer Rocker - Solitaire by East Coast Nursery.

I honestly love this product, it's one I wish I had had for Beau from birth as it's just so handy and really is a lovely place to pop him down to play or rest in. The Dreamer Rocker can be used in two ways - as a seat to sit up and play or flat down for resting and sleeping. The seat gently folds down to transition baby to laying out position if they happen to fall asleep whilst playing - which my little Beau is prone to doing.

The rocker comes with two hanging toys, one that crinkles and one that has a rattle sound, however, there's plenty of room on the bar to pop other hanging toys or spirals your little one may have. The rocker is very comfortable for baby, well padded and the sides are high enough to keep them safe and sheltered somewhat if they fall asleep in the rocker.

The rocker is very easy to use, which is great as I hate baby products that involve too much faffing about, I want them to transition easily and quickly and be easy to put together and that's just what the Dreamer Rocker offers, it's very user friendly.

The rocker easily transitions from sitting position to lying down position by unbuckling the straps underneath and pressing in on the two buttons on the side.

It can also go from being stable on it's feet to rocking by pressing in on the white buttons on the feet too. All of this is so easy to do and causes minimal disturbance to a sleeping baby.

As the name suggests, this rocker can be swiveled 360, again simply by pressing on the white button directly underneath the chair. This is so handy for if you want baby facing towards you, meaning you don't have to physically move the rocker.

There's a panel on the rocker which has the vibrate settings, sounds and volume control. The rocker vibrates up to an intensity of six and I find that the vibration really helps to sooth Beau off to sleep, it's so relaxing for him and he's fallen asleep on many occasions inside the rocker.

The rocker can be used from birth and it suitable for up to 15kg in seat position.

This really is such a great product and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is expecting or has a young baby. It's something we use every day and Beau seems to really enjoy it so of course I love it too.

You can read more about the 360° Dreamer Rocker - Solitare on the East Coast Nursery website and I also made a quick little video on my phone to just demonstrate on the product works, just because I think with baby products it's good to see how they actually work before going ahead and purchasing them.

You can also read about the other East Coast Nursery product, the "Hello World" 4-in-1 Discovery World Play Gym here.

*We were sent this product for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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