Friday, September 09, 2016

Breathing Space ♥

Lately I haven't had much time for this little blog, so I thought it was high time to have a little catch up or some 'tea and chats' as some old friends and I used to say, only I don't drink hot drinks - strange of me I know, it's the reason everyone offers me a glass of water, and this my friends is what's known as rambling... This blog of mine has gone from being something I've worked hard on everyday for multiple hours, to something which I can't even seem to fit in for half an hour. I think everyone underestimates just how much work blogging really is and with a house to keep and two young children to look after, this little virtual space of mine has had to take a back seat.

I think it's quite refreshing to not have to sit for hours on the laptop everyday, working so hard for very little return. I'll never be one of those mega popular parenting bloggers as I can't be bothered with all the competitiveness, but I do love blogging and will be keeping it up, just not as intensely as I had done before. I only want to share quality things and I guess that's why I haven't had much to say lately.

All my days are melting into one lately and there's nothing exceptionally exciting happening, so I've stayed silent, because anyone sitting at home with young children will know the daily routine that we all have, the one that doesn't really change on a day to day basis, one that makes me think of that Nine Inch Nails song "everyday is exactly the same".

Stepping away from the virtual world has been really refreshing and it's been great not to have to worry about stats, promoting, competing for opportunities and deadlines... although I do have some reviews to do, if the weather could improve and give me some natural light I'd be laughing.

I've been able to focus on my two beautiful boys, giving my eldest the attention he needs and watching my little one grow - I honestly can't believe that he's going to be four months old this month, eek! Having happy, healthy children who get the attention and love they need and deserve is much more important to me than anything else. Plus, not being chained to the laptop means I can do other fun things, such as taking super cute (but most probably super mortifying for him when he's older!) pictures of my baby in an array of hats and cuddly poses.

Having some breathing space has allowed me to think about what I want to actually do in life. I'm twenty-six and won't be a stay at home mother forever. I don't want to work in some job that I hate day in, day out, so I've decided that the self-employed route is better for me. I think it's clear from my blogs - Fawns and Fables being my other one, that photography is a big passion of mine and to be a photographer is my ultimate dream.

I'm thinking about doing a photography course in the evenings when the boys are settled and in bed, not to learn the photography skill, as I see photography as an art form, something that can't be learnt, but to learn more about my camera, equipment and how to get the best captures from them.

Capturing people, especially children and nature on camera is what I love and my ultimate goal is to become a family photographer specialising in outdoor shoots. I'll be transforming my Fawns and Fables site over the coming months to showcase my photography and will eventually beginning looking for people who'll let me take pictures of them to build up my portfolio - any willing participants in the Cork area please get in touch! This will be a big step for me as I'm quite shy but this is what I really want to do so overcoming my fears has to happen.

So wish me luck in this new adventure I'm about to undertake, any support would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a like or comment on my Instagram @fiandtylerlee which I've been slowly building up these past few weeks. The community on there is lovely, I feel in debt to the genius who thought up Instagram because it literally is what puts me to sleep at night and what greets me with beautiful images in the morning.

I highly recommend some breathing space, especially if you feel as though everything is weighing down on you. It's done me the world of good and hopefully this wall which I seem to be up against when it comes to blogging inspiration, will eventually come tumbling down.



  1. I was actually wondering about your other blog page because I haven't heard about in a while. I know exactly what you mean. I feel overwhelmed sometimes coming up with blog subjects. It can't be hard, as you said, especially with two small children. On top of that working full time and minding the kids 4 days a week because hubby is off working in Dublin. It will get easier for us in October because we are moving so I am hoping my blogging will come back then. x

  2. Your photos are just so adorable! Like you I also do a lot of blogging-time off, while I do enjoy it a lot, I also like "living more" :)

  3. A great decision. It's obvious that this is where your heart lies. And you have such a unique eye. Really talented. Every good wish for your new adventures. ��

  4. Love ur photos of ur boys. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat as family is more important especially when it busy as a mum and need time for u too.

  5. What beautiful photos!
    I totally get the taking a break from blogging.
    Sometimes it can get so demanding, it's nice to take time out now and again :)

  6. We have recently got back off holiday and having a break was a real blessing. In fact I am not working so much on the blog and feel better for it. Nice to see you back

  7. I think it sometimes does you good to take a step back and just breathe x

  8. Your pictures are so gorgeous. I think it's good to take some time off sometimes to breath and spend time with your little ones. Yours are so adorable! xx

  9. I have loved how blogging is helping me learn new skills - enjoy the photography course!

  10. Lovely post and pictures. I really need to step away from my blog for a few days. I am always grabbing time here and there blogging, changing things and it takes up so much time. Enjoy your time away :)

  11. Great decision and your photos are absolutely fabulous!

  12. Glad you've enjoyed the time away. Good luck with the photography. Your pictures are always beautiful x

  13. It is so very important to take a break and get a little perspective on things. Be in the moment and enjoy your little ones


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