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My Weight Loss Results With Yokebe | Review ♥

For some time now I've wanted to improve myself, not just my body but how I think about things too. I've been learning to practice mindfulness, trying to look at the positives in everyday life and not focus so much on the negative - even though this is quite hard at times. And although it's been difficult I think I'm doing okay with this and am getting better at thinking about things in a more mindful way.

However, the way I look has been a very negative thing for me these past few years. I hate how I look. Every time I look at myself in the mirror all I see is flaws - things that are a fault of my own and things that have occurred over the course of two pregnancies. I know there are lots of things that I now won't be able to change, but there's one thing I can and that's my weight.

Believe it our not I used to be someone who'd go on a two hour walk around the country roads, up and down hills everyday. I also went to the gym everyday, even if it was just for half an hour and I was a size ten, the healthiest and thinnest I have ever been in my life.

These days I'm not too bothered about going for a walk, it's such a hassle trying to leave the house with the two boys and once we get two minutes down the road Tyler tells me that he's tired and no longer wants to walk. I need to start walking though and now that he's back at school it gives me the perfect opportunity. So that'll be my daily exercise.

Since July 30th I've been improving on the diet part too. I began having shakes in the morning, just for the convenience factor really, but they've really been helping me lose some weight, just as they did when I began my Herbalife journey two years ago.

I like having the shakes because it's easy. It doesn't seem like a chore, I don't have to make any meals from scratch with a whole plethora of healthy ingredients and it's super simple to just mix one up in between feeding Beau and giving Tyler his breakfast.

The first shakes I started on were Forza Diet Shake It Slim and they worked really well for me, helping me to lose 31cm in a month. You can read all about it here.

When I ran out of the Forza shakes I went to Boots to buy some more (they're available in Boots and Holland and Barrett) but saw that Yokebe was on offer for €14 per tub and I went for the strawberry flavour.

Yokebe has 28.3g of protein per serving - this is five scoops of the powder mixed with 250ml of water or skimmed milk, however I use unsweetened soya milk. I wanted a meal replacement powder with a high protein content to keep me full for the morning and this seemed like the perfect option.

My Yokebe shake does keep me full for the morning until it's time for lunch, however, the taste is disgusting. It does not taste like a strawberry shake, at all. It's got a powdery, thick taste that's hard to get through and it doesn't leave me wanting more. The Forza shakes really did taste like a milkshake and were something to actually enjoy in the morning, this is not.

But it's not all about the taste though, what about the results? I've been having the Yokebe shakes for two weeks now and am almost finished the second tub (I bought two at the same time as they were on offer) and after the first week I lost 16cm off my body. Really great results and one that surprised me.

The weighing scales are buried at the back of the junk cupboard downstairs and getting them out seems impossible so I haven't been able to weigh myself so I just take my measurements and that suits me fine, I don't want to become obsessed with standing on the scales.

I just took my measurements this morning and have had a loss again of 9cm, which surprised me really as Jacek brought cake home from work and we went for scones when we were shopping too. It's hasn't been a week where I've been strict with myself but that fact that I've still had a loss makes me think that Yokebe shakes really do work for people who are looking for a high protein meal replacement.

Would I try it again though? Probably not, the taste is just too disgusting for me and I've already purchased another brand of shake, MaxiNutrition Sculptress, to start on tomorrow and I'll be posting my result with that too next Sunday. It did give great results, 25cm lost of my body in two weeks and it does keep me full but the taste really is it's downfall.

So have I noticed any changes? My clothes are a lot more loose fitting now. I can see that my arms and legs are slimmer and I've been drinking a lot more water throughout the day too as it's a requirement with the shakes, so it's all been quite positive really.

Since I started taking my measurements my results are as follows -
22/08 - -22cm
27/08 - -8cm  
04/09 - -16cm
11/09 - -9cms
Total so far = -55cm

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey to becoming a better me - both in body and mind.



  1. Do you just have them for breakfast or for all your meals. I've done full meal replacement diets a few times but wondering if it would work just having them in the morning?

    1. I only have them for breakfast. Some days I might have one for lunch, but only if I'm too busy to make something else. Don't think I'd be able to go a whole day without some real food too.

  2. Wow that inch loss is really impressive. Love your honesty about the Yokebe shake! I've been thru my fair share of weight loss schemes and I have to say shakes are hard to get started with but once you're in the flow they are a great way forward. I need to get back on it. Have you heard of Huel? My partner keeps going on about it. It's high protein apparently too. I think we might try it.

  3. Wow, that is an incredible result already! Although not so great if you don't want to keep it up due to the taste :( x

  4. Well done! I don't think I could have stuck with it if I didn't like the taste!

  5. Those are fabulous results, I'm glad you found something that works well x

  6. Oh well done - the loss of inches is amazing. What great results, I have just started a weight loss plan, I hope it works! Kaz x

  7. Good luck with your weight loss journey! I think lots of females look in the mirror and only see flaws. You need to start looking and loving the positives!

  8. That does seem like an amazing result and I'd be totally on for the convenience factor! It's so hard to get proper exercise in when kids are little, or find any time for yourself really. I've been thinking of getting a protein supplement to add to my smoothies, it would be great for them to make me feel full a bit longer.

  9. Those are amazing results. A shake for breakfast does sound very convenient. But it is sad that it doesn't taste good. I think that would really put me off. Good luck with the weight loss and especially all the walking. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  10. 25cm in 2 weeks?! That's insane! I may need to try this. I need to loose 4.5 kilos and it's becoming a struggle!

  11. Do you use all 5 scoops if yr not working out every day ??

  12. Hi , I noticed that the loss was in cm not in inches, That would be a feat.

  13. My partner and I started this diet yesterday the Strawberry it's not that bad 2 meals and a light meals in the evening so fingers crossed


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