Monday, September 19, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 4 Months Old ♥

 My darling Beau,

I can't quite believe that you're already four months old. Your first summer, the first few months of your life, have gone by in the blink of an eye and you are no longer new to the world, you're now a fully-fledged participant in this thing we call life.

You've grown so much in the past month, not just in appearance but in your development too. It's amazing to watch you learn and observe the world around you - you're quite a curious (or should I say nosy!) little thing so you don't miss a trick. As I write this you're sitting in your vibrating chair watching your big brother play with his toy washing machine, the fact that you're trying to sit up already makes me think that you can't wait to join in with his playtime. You won't have long to wait little one.

You're still the happiest person I know, always greeting me, your brother and your daddy with a smile. You love to be chatted to, held, cuddled and loved, you're still my little pet and I hope you never change. You're very much 'the baby' and I'm not in any hurry for you to grow up, even though you seem to be in quite a hurry yourself!

You have no interest in rolling over yet, all you want to do it sit up. You're taking to tummy time like a pro and can now hold your head up for quite some time before getting sick of it all. Four months was when I weaned your big brother but I have no intention of weaning you yet, it's strange, you being my second child I thought I'd just do everything the same but in fact I've done the opposite. Right now you're very happy with your six ounces of milk per feed, five of which you have in a day, and until that changes you won't be trying any 'real' food.

If I'm honest I don't want you to grow up at all, if I could just stop at the baby stage and have you this way forever I would. Maybe it's because you may be my last little baby ever, or maybe it's because being a baby suits your happy little personality so well, but I love this stage with you and looking at you in your sweet little hand knit cardigans makes me want to relish this time in your life and hold onto it for as long as I can.

Your hair is growing back now and it's a mixture of golds, reds and pure white strands. I have no idea what colour it's going to be but for now you're affectionately known as my little fox or rua, the littlest red head I know. Your eyes are the most amazing, piercing blue and I don't think they'll change. You're so tall for your four short months and everyone always comments on how big you are - I have to admit this makes me a little sad because you are only four months and not a day more - I'm convinced you're going to be over six feet when you're fully grown.

I love you baby Beau - as you've been known as from the start. The joy you always have for everything and everyone is so infectious and I couldn't have been blessed with a happier, peaceful or lovelier little babe.


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