Monday, September 26, 2016

Babes In The Wood ♥

A few days ago, or what seems like a few days ago, these days they all seem to just fly by and melt into one, my little Beau saw trees for the first time. This was to be his first little adventure with us in the woods, a place we love to frequent often.

The wonder on his beautiful little face as he looked up wide-eyed at the tall, leafy trees, sunlight streaming down through them like beams sent straight from Heaven, lit up his blue eyes with wonder and awe.

It was a lovely thing to witness, not only through my own eyes but through the lens of my camera too. I'm so glad I captured his first gasping looks of the wonder and beauty of nature. The excitement of witnessing your child's 'first' doesn't diminish with your second child and I doubt that it does with any subsequent children either. Whether I'm not I'm going to discover that theory for myself is yet to be debated!

It's no secret that I'm a nature lover and this is a love that I hope my children inherit too. My eldest seems to already notice the beautiful world around him and seems keen to explore it too. Nature is the perfect backdrop for all our impromptu photo sessions, but I've also taught him to respect the world around him, taking care not to step on or disturb the natural landscape too much.

We strolled through the fairy woods, a favourite haunt of Tyler's, he peered into the fairy windows, knocked on the fairy doors and played with the little trinkets people had left for the fairies too. It's amazing how much joy little hands can get from old broken toys and old metal bowls with marbles inside.

On our way back through the trees we played hide and seek, Tyler was in his element, finding it quite hilarious to be found peeking out from behind trees. Hide and seek is his favourite game at the moment and I can't help but wait for the day when Beau and he are playing it together, laughing and screeching excitedly when "ready or not, here I come" is said in that sing-song way everyone chimes.

The light was perfect when we were about to head on our way home so I took a picture of Jacek with our boys and his award for ten years of service at work. I only wish we could have gotten a family picture because that light really was perfect, alas, I'm always resigned to being the family photography, too busy behind the camera to get in front of it. Next time perhaps, because I'm certain there'll be lots of 'next times', we love that wood.

We had such a lovely walk through the wood, our first woodland outing as a family of four. I couldn't of asked for three better companions to join me on my outdoor adventures, my babes in the woods. The simplest of outings are always the best and most joyful. Unplanned moments making the best memories.



  1. Love this!! I want to give Beau a big snuggle. He is so cute!! Looks like you had a great day out. I am hoping to get out more as well and take proper photos. My phone camera doesn't seem to do the job anymore. The phone is only a year old and it's brilliant but my proper camera which is not a DSLR seems much better.

  2. Hi Fiona, what lovely photos! Beau really does look like he is studying the tree in all their glory. It's just a shame he won't remember the first he saw them, but at least you will always have the photos.

    A walk in woods is always an enchanting affair, made all the more exciting by the prospect of seeing a fairy or two!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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