Thursday, August 04, 2016

What Beau Wears #1 ♥

Since becoming a mother of boys, one thing I've found quite difficult is finding beautiful, affordable and unique clothing for them. Almost everything I see in the boy's section of high-street shops is dinosaurs or tractors, garish colours or unbelievably drab ones, cartoon character clothing and there's only a handful of things available that I would actually dress my boys in.

I don't know why it's so difficult for stores to realise that boys deserve beautiful clothing too. My local H&M store for example has lovely offerings in the baby boys section, but once they pass the age of two the selection available for boys is somewhat lacking - and it's also tiny compared to the girls section. When Beau was born I wanted to dress him in baby blues, as I had done with his brother before him, but there were only two stores offering baby blue outfits and only about three in total too, these were Next and Tesco. Next even had a black and white baby boy range and black is a colour I would personally never dress a baby in - they have their whole lives to wear dark colours, why not dress them in something a bit more jovial and bright when they're babies being my way of thinking.

So when I had Tyler Lee I went in search of clothing that didn't box itself in to what clothing stores seem to think boys are all about - dinosaurs, jungle animals and cars just to name a few of the sterotypical things associated with boys and plastered all over clothing available for them.

I began buying vintage clothes, loving their uniqueness, sweet designs and the range of colours they were available in. I also began buying handmade clothes from Etsy and boutique shops I found on Instagram. Now I have my second boy and the search for lovely clothes for him continues.

I always get complimented on how I dress my boys and it makes me so happy to hear people like their clothes. I often get asked where their clothes are from so I thought I'd start a series on here all about 'What Beau Wears'.

This pom pom hat is one of my favourite purchases for Beau so far, I already want to get another in white. It's by Satila-Of-Sweden and I got it on Amazon for £16.50. I only wish they made them for 3+ so I could get one for Tyler Lee too.

This is one of the first outfits I got for Beau when he was born, a traditional Spanish knitted set in baby blue. This was a three piece set with a footed pants, jumper and hat. It's from ZeeZee Baby Boutique.

This jumper is one of my vintage finds for Beau and it's from an Etsy shop called LittleButtonVintage. It's a gorgeous little white knitted jumper with baby blue cross detail and I paired this with some lovely blue shorts which I picked up in the Next sale.

This adorable little sunshine outfit is one Jacek and I picked up in the Debenhams sale on Monday. It's by Bluezoo for Debenhams and is now just €9.60 - you can get it here. I think there's nothing more adorable than a hat on a baby and this sunshine one is just too cute.

This beautiful Filipe Romper is another one of my traditional Spanish babywear finds and it's from Bebe Ferreira Boutique whom Beau is a brand enthusiast for. This shop was another of my Instagram finds and they have very affordable Spanish babywear from newborn to twelve months.

I'll be sharing more of Beau's beautiful clothes in future posts - I'm not sure if I'll make this a weekly or bi-weekly feature but there'll be lots of baby and boys fashion featured on the blog in the coming weeks and months.



  1. I see you like to dress you baby in blue. :) I have actually seen some really nice outfits for babies when I was shopping with a friend for his daughter, at Next. You should have a look, the outfits were very pretty.

  2. Aww, these outfits are so sweet :) Lovely pictures ..

  3. Beau is gorgeous, look at those eyes and hair! I love how you dress him too and that pom pom hat is beautiful!

  4. Wow love this so much! I've got two young girls, and find the high street a real drag when looking for clothes for them! I never thought of Amazon and going vintage. Thank for the tip!

  5. How cute! I love the little sunshine outfit, so gorgeous! :)

  6. I find shopping for my daughter so much easier than shopping for the boys. Love your outfit choices

  7. Beau is beautiful in blue that is for sure and some amazing shades of blue too x

  8. Aww Beau is gorgeous i just love all the beautiful clothes!

  9. He is such a well dressed baby. Absolutely adorable.

  10. Just seen this. Beau is an absolute beaut and you dress him so beautifully. Thank you for the mention. I was searching some info on our boutique online when this came up.


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