Monday, August 15, 2016

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {August 2016} ♥

Another month has passed us by and this past month I've tried to get the boys to interact with each other a lot more. Tyler Lee never realises when he's being too rough, so I've been keeping his interactions with Beau well supervised and short and sweet at times when I know he's over-excited and energetic. I don't think he really understands the meaning of the word gentle yet!

He tells me everyday that he loves Beau and that he's his best friend. He's been sharing his beloved washing machine with him and asking Beau to "press the button" to help him put it on. He's also been introducing all his cuddly toys to Beau and asking if they can share. It's lovely to see Tyler Lee opening up and wanting to show his baby brother all his interests and his 'friends' as we call them. I've been popping the boys out in the garden in the teepee on sunny days where they're surrounded by cuddly toys and I think Tyler Lee is really loving having his brother around him. Beau loves watching him play, he follows him so intently with his eyes and is always smiling as if he's finding the whole thing so endearing. I bet he can't wait for the day he can join in too.

I really hope they do play with each other once Beau is a bit older. I think it'll be quite a novelty to Tyler Lee when Beau is sitting up and crawling and they can interact with each other a whole lot more. I'm still at the stage where I'm frantically saying "careful", "gentle with Beau" when Tyler Lee goes near the baby and I think I'll have to stop it because I don't want him to feel as if he can't be around Beau, after all, he is his baby brother and I really do want them to have a strong bond.

We're currently on our first holiday as a family of four in beautiful Spain, another milestone in our family memories and in the first of my little siblings travel adventures together too. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next month brings for us all and seeing their relationship grow even more.



  1. Ahhh such beautiful photos. I think they're just so so alike.
    Tyler Lee sounds like he just loves Beau, they do get a bit rough sometimes - Tyne still does even now he's an old hat at the big brother lark! - but babies are so much more resilient than we think. Just wait until Beau is following Tyler Lee around and copying everything he does, its the cutest! xx

  2. Oh what stunning photos - and what a sweet big brother he is, those are some properly good snuggles he's giving his baby!


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