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Travel & Adventure | Alternative Winter Activites In Iceland ♥

 I'm looking ahead to winter and possible alternative winter breaks and activities that my family and I could enjoy. We're not the type of people to go on skiing trips - an activity which most people do in the winter and although I'd love to try it I think I'd end up breaking a leg or two so finding some alternative winter activities which we can all enjoy safely is a something I've been looking in to.

If there is one place in the world that I need to visit before I die it is Iceland.  Jacek and I would both love to experience the beauty of Iceland first hand for ourselves, I get excited just imagining the photo opportunities! Seeing the Northern Lights is something I really want to witness for myself in life and now that there's flights from Dublin to Iceland, it's a destination that no longer seems so far out of reach.

The waterfalls, snowy landscapes and geysers would be amazing to witness in person and I love that it would be such an alternative holiday to the usual sun holidays and city breaks we go on together. We'd both love to see the Northern Lights with our own eyes and I think that this really would be a once in a lifetime experience for us both. Iceland has so many different waterfalls to offer, however, the most famous by far is Gullfoss, translated as “Golden Falls”. Standing above this giant natural beauty is spectacular as the noise of the rushing water echoes all around you. In winter, a lot of the falls will get frozen over which would be incredible to see.

As the trip would be an excuse for us not only to explore but also relax, I think a trip to the Blue Lagoon would be a must! Powered by the heat of the local volcano, the Blue Lagoon offers stunning views of the natural scenery as well as the opportunity to receive spa treatments - as busy parents we both need some of those! The lagoon itself has tubs of a natural mud face mask planted around the circumference of the lagoon and the spa inside the building offers a multitude of spa treatments for a truly unique and relaxing experience. I think it would be amazing to sit in such warm water surrounded by a cold landscape, so cool and such a contrast!

I know one activity which Jacek would love to do in Iceland is whale watching. Did you know that Iceland is the whale watching capital of Europe? The whales you get to see on the tours are mainly Minke and Humpbacks and to see such a large and beautiful creature out in the wild is a majestic sight. To see whales would be an amazing experience, I once saw three whales in Cork Harbour as a child and it was such a great sight to witness. The best thing is that Iceland's whale watching excursions run throughout the year and are family friendly if you're visiting with little ones in tow.

These are just some of the alternative winter activites which Iceland has to offer but these three are the ones I think myself and Jacek would be most interested in doing.

Have you ever been to Iceland? Which activity would most interest you?



  1. I went to Iceland about five years ago, was amazing! We were there when the volcano erupted that caused all the air traffic problems!! we did the Blue Lagoon, and all the waterfalls. Rekjavic is a beautiful city too. I would recommend hiring a car to explore all the sites - some of their roads are bizzare and it feels like you're going off road!!

    Kay xxx

    1. Oh Kay I'm so jealous! I really need to go, I hope I'll have the money to surprise Jacek with a trip. I really want to go to the Blue Lagoon, it looks so amazing! Haha if we got a car I'd have to drive because I have the full license, I think I might be a little bit terrified though! :) x

  2. cool pictures i love it summer start and i already miss winter :/ but i love your post <3

    1. The photography is amazing isn't it? I hope I can capture such images when I visit :)

  3. Oh wow that looks so amazing! I need to go to iceland x

  4. Iceland is probably the top place that I want to visit... but I don't fly so I'm not sure I'll ever get there

  5. I have never been to Iceland but it is a life long dream to go there one day. After reading your article I'm going to save up my pennies and go!


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