Monday, August 01, 2016

Our Month That Was... | July 2016 ♥

Another month has flown past and I can't quite believe it's now August 1st. It seems that it wasn't long ago since I was writing one of these reflective posts all about our June and now here I am looking back on another month of our lives, one which has once again gone by far too quickly for my liking.

I thought that July was a rather quiet month for us but looking back it seems we've actually done quite a lot!

Jacek and I went on our first post-baby night away to the beautiful Killashee House Hotel and Spa, which you can read about here, and it was great to have a little break and get away for a little while. We stopped by the Cath Kidston store on the way back - one of my favourite shops, and then we stopped by The Rock of Cashel in Co. Tipperary -  which you can read about here, the place where we went on our first ever day out together. It was such a lovely day and hopefully we'll get to go away together again soon.

I was also able to capture some more pictures of my boys together this month. I never thought it'd be so hard to capture a picture of two small children together but they never fail to surprise me. I got some lovely pictures of them together under their aden+anais Bambi blanket, one which I'm sure they'll snuggle under to watch some cartoons together when Beau is a bit older and I also put them in their first matching outfits, their gorgeous handmade Peter Rabbit rompers from a shop in New Zealand. I think I'll definitely have to pick up some more matching outfits for them soon because there's nothing cuter than matching siblings.

We also had Beau's first special day, apart from his birth of course. We had his christening, which was a small affair but it was lovely and I loved seeing him in his gown, the same on I wore as a baby myself twenty-six years ago. I took some pictures of him in it, which you can see here, and I think he looked quite angelic, very fitting for a christening day.

So it's now August and we've lots of things to look forward to, all of which I'm sure I'll be sharing on the blog throughout the month and again in my reflection post once the month has ended, which, judging by how quickly every other month of this year has gone by, I'm sure won't be long coming around.

Goodbye July, hello August... please be good to us.


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