Monday, August 08, 2016

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List ♥

Traveling is something that Jacek and I love to do together and ever since I was a teenager, there are places in this world that I've always wanted to visit. If I hadn't chosen the path I did and become a mother in my twenties, I'm pretty sure that I'd be exploring the world - my ultimate dream was always to be a 'beach hippy' - take that to mean what you will. But for me, being a free spirit, having adventures around the world, experiencing breathtaking beaches and scenery of different countries and visiting all my dream destinations was something I always wanted and although a little bit of me is quite sad that I'm not doing all that now while I'm young, it's still something I plan to do one day.

I thought I'd share my ultimate travel bucket list. This is a list of all the things I want to do when it comes to travel and hopefully writing all these things down will help me to keep focused on the list and start ticking my dream travel experiences off one by one.

1. Visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights.

2. Take the boys to see Santa in Lapland and ride sleighs through the forests. There are now flights from Cork to Lapland at Christmas time so I really have no excuse not to do this some day soon.

3. Visit California, most importantly San Diego and fully immerse myself in the beach life there. I really want to visit Cornado Central Beach - San Diego's only white sand beach. I'd also love to stop by the top six scenic spots that San Diego has to offer, all that you can read about on this blog.

4. Visit the Caribbean and island hop. Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted to visit Jamaica and St. Lucia. I even applied to volunteer in the Dominican Republic when I was in university but my parents were wary about it all so I had to pass on the opportunity.

5. Go to Phi Phi Island. I used to have a poster of Phi Phi Island on my wall when I was a teenager and I thought it looked like paradise on Earth, it's still a big dream of mine to go there.

6. Travel the coast of Australia and then hop over to New Zealand and explore both islands there.

7. Bring the boys to South Africa to share their heritage with them and show them where their dad grew up. I know Jacek is dying to bring us all there and go to the Drakensburg Mountains - the place he holidayed as a child.

8. Take the boys to DisneyLand in Florida. I've been to the Paris one when I was 21 and it didn't live up to expectations so I want to take my boys to the one in Florida someday, we want the America hospitality.

9. Go on a cruise. I had never wanted to go on a cruise before but having seen other people's cruise holiday photos and posts I've been inspired. Plus I like the thought of visiting multiple countries over a number of days.

10. Go to Norway and see all the beautiful fjords there. My great grandfather was Norwegian so I have to go and see the land of my ancestors (and presumably where I inherited my blonde hair from!) someday.

11. Visit all of the Channel Islands. I've so far been to Jersey and Sark but I really want to go to Herm (where there are no clocks!), Guernsey and Alderney. It's amazing that places so beautiful are so close to home.

12. Explore more of Ireland. I've lived here all my life but there's so much of this beautiful island that I'm yet to see. I want to go to the Wicklow Mountains, the Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Islands, the Giants Causeway, Newgrange and so many more places here at home.



  1. This is a really good list! I'd have a really hard time narrowing down my travel bucket list, I want to see EVERYWHERE!

    I've recently been to Iceland but the northern lights aren't around this time of year unfortunately!

  2. This would be a fun list to work through! I just visited the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant's Causeway - both were amazing places!


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