Friday, August 19, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 3 Months Old ♥

My darling little Beau, you are now three months old.

I can't quite believe that we've already reached this milestone but here we are. It's true what they say, the baby days don't last long enough at all and as each day goes by I see you growing more and more and leaving that little baby you once were behind.

You seem to be advancing at such a quick pace, already experiencing things that I would associate with babies much older than you. You've been teething for a few weeks now and the past few days the pain has really begun to bother you. Your two bottom middle teeth are about to pop through and you're permanently chewing on your fist for relief. You've also begun trying to pull yourself up into sitting position, you no longer want to be lying down - even when you're laying in my arms for a bottle. You hold onto my hands and try and pull yourself up, you're wanting to grow far too quickly for your young age baby boy.

You've just had experienced of the biggest milestones in your life too, you've been on your first ever holiday! You've seen what Spain has to offer and were such a good little baby the whole time - you slept on both plane journeys and you were so quiet during our week away that if we didn't love you so much we may have forgotten you were there at all. Not a peep was heard from you.

Yesterday you had your three month check up with the public health nurse and despite you not liking tummy time very much, she was impressed by your head control. You're now 64cm on the button and weigh 15lbs 5oz. You're perfectly in proportion and everything is just as it should be, you're absolutely thriving.

You still love your cuddles and we now play peek-a-boo and 'catch him' and you love playtime. You're still obsessed with your Lamaze toys and you could look and bat away at them for hours. You've formed a very close attachment to your bunny comforter and your muslin blankets too - I don't know what it is about the muslin material but it makes you fall asleep instantly.

You're such a dream Beau, everyone immediately becomes happier when they're around you and your ever smiling face. You're so welcoming, social and are such a little pet. Please never change, you're the happiest little babe I've ever known and I hope you're always so joyous and full of wonder.

I love you so much Beau, you're such a blessing baby boy.


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