Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back To School With Disney By Samsonite ♥

My eldest boy is heading back to school in September to begin Naíonra, having completed junior pre-school in June. This may or may not be his last year before starting 'big school' as we're still waiting to see if his speech improves and I don't want to send him into an educational environment where he'll have to sit down and learn if he's not ready - we'll do things at his speed and we won't be pushing him if he's not ready.

He's super excited for Naíonra though, getting to see his little friends again, meeting his new teachers and getting to join in with the fun, games and learning once more. He'll be heading back to school in super cute style thanks to Disney by Samsonite.

A new bag is always one of the most exiting (and essential!) things for little ones to get in the run up to 'back to school'. I know I always loved getting a brand new bag to carry all my school things in and when Samsonite got in touch asking if Tyler Lee would like to receive one of their adorable Disney collection bags I was excited to pick out something super cute for him.

I went for the Disney Ultimate Backpack Dory-Nemo Classic (£25) which features Nemo's smiling, happy face, fins, reflective details, sternum strap with child-friendly fastener and an inside ID tag to make sure all his belongings are kept safe. This backpack is perfect for 3-6 years olds so it'll do him for a few years yet and he genuinely enjoys wearing it, I think he just loves the character aspect to it and feeling important with his new bag. The S shaped straps and sternum strap make sure that the bag won't slip off his little shoulders so it's easy and comfortable for him to carry. This bag is of excellent quality, I love the feel of it and I know it'll stand the test of time.

Tyler Lee also has the matching Disney Wallet Pre-school Dory-Nemo Classic (£17) which he loves to hang around his neck and pretend the fish is swimming. I'll be popping his little toddler toilet wipes into this for when he's in school and his money for any fundraising days or days when the ice-cream van visits the school. It's perfect for keeping everything safe and just the right size for him to carry about with him when he needs to.

The orange colour is so vibrant and Nemo's face is just adorable on the front of the bag. I think it's a bag that really stands out and my little boy loves it - as you can see by his smiling face, so what could be more perfect?

*We received this bag and wallet for the purposes of this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.



  1. The bag looks fab! Little T saw Finding Dory over the summer, I wonder if they also have a Dory bag? Good luck to your little one. Hope he has a good first day of school :)

  2. How cute is that backpack, perfect for my girls they love Finding Nemo.

  3. I said this before and I will say this again Tyler is such a beautiful boy. I love the Disney bag its pretty awesome and as always your photos are exceptional x

  4. That is such a cute back - Sebby would love this

  5. Aw how cute!
    We love Disney here, all of their products are fab quality too :)

  6. Oh gosh that is so cute. More so because everything is all about Dory right now x

  7. Cute little bag - he will be excited to show it off to all his friends I am sure!

  8. What a super cute bag. Also don't worry I also had learnt talking late as I moved countries and languages changed for me (I was told I went into a sort of language shock) So here I am all fine and dandy ;) Looks like a lovely bag for a lovely child.

    Alina | DIY home blogger UK

  9. This backpack is too cute! Hope he has a great first day

  10. Aww, such a cute bag! I love how a rucksack makes children look even littler!
    Alana x


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