Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 Ways To Teach Kids About Energy Saving At Home ♥

Energy saving isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, but luckily, kids are always keen to learn new things and relish any opportunity to feel like a grown up. So teaching your children how to help save you money on your bills can be quite easy, it's something we've already done with Tyler Lee and he's now great at turning things off when he's finished with them and loves feeling like a grown up - he always wants to copy Jacek and myself and I'm proud to say that as a family we're very green and eco-friendly.

I thought I'd share 5 ways you can get your little ones keen to go green and reduce your household costs, because as parents it's important to get your kids to save energy and not be wasteful with it.

Lead by example 
When it come to energy saving, there is no point operating a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ policy. If your kids see you lax about leaving the TV on standby, not turning lights off and other wasteful habits, they’ll be less inclined to adopt new frugal practises. Ensure they see you lead by example and they’ll naturally follow suit.

Screen Free Saturdays 
Not only is one day, or a few hours, purposefully away from screens and technology great for energy saving, it’s also perfect for working on mindfulness and mental health. Encourage your kids to ditch the games consoles, phones and TVs and spend a few hours reading, doing puzzles, playing outside, practising a sport etc.

Make it a game 
If your children need a bit of bribery to help them go green, then a reward system is worth implementing. Make energy saving tasks into a game - whoever has the quickest shower wins a point, if someone washes up instead of using the dishwasher they can have three points, and so on. At the end of the week, the child with the most points gets a prize (preferably an environmentally friendly and energy saving prize, to stay on theme).

Show them how things work around the house
While learning all about how a Grundfos Home Booster operates and saves you money and energy might not seem that exciting to you, kids are inquisitive and eager to become familiar with ‘grown up’ things. Take them round the house and show them what you have in place and how they help save energy. Next time you change a light bulb, teach them how to do it and use the opportunity to explain why you use energy saving bulbs. You can also show them how to adjust the thermostat throughout different seasons - there are many basic tasks around the house that the young ones will actually be interested in.

Get in the garden 
Throughout the summer months, make the most of your garden BBQ and rather than use electricity and gas indoors, enjoy dinner al fresco - something which boy thinks is the biggest treat. Kids will love the chance to play chef and help out; helping set up the BBQ and learning how to cook outdoors.
During the winter months, give your little one the task of planting a tree that will provide shade for the house during the hotter days. They’ll love getting their hands dirty and it saves you a job - everyone’s happy.


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