Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Rock of Cashel | Guide Of Ireland ♥

I'm continuing with my Guide of Ireland today as I love sharing beautiful places right here in my own country. Ireland is a very historic place, with lots of castles, abbeys, churches and forts dotted around it's lush, green landscape. One of the most historic places in Ireland, and one which Jacek and I visited again this month, is The Rock of Cashel.

The site dates back to the 12th century and considering this it's actually quite well preserved, especially it's round tower. They're currently doing maintenance on the site - something we've they've been doing for quite some years now - so there's scaffolding covering a lot of the site, which isn't very appealing to look at (or photograph!) but these sites need to be preserved for future generations.

The Rock of Cashel is situated in Co. Tipperary and is surround by lush, green fields with the town of Cashel right by it too. For me it's such a traditional little Irish town, with cottages and old buildings dotted around the place, it's quite charming really.
I just wanted to share some pictures of this very majestic and historic place for anyone who's curious about Irish history or who'd like to visit the rock for themselves one day. Jacek and I love visiting historic sites and I actually have a degree in history so places like this really fascinate me. History has always captivated me, I just find some aspects of it so completely unbelievable and I think it's that sense of awe that keeps me wanting to learn more about the past.
Walking around The Rock of Cashel you begin to think about the people who walked around and who used the building all those years ago when it was first built. How different their lives were and you wonder what they were like. It's quite a surreal place in that sense and I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're interested in Irish history. I've been there twice now and Jacek has been their numerous times and it still hasn't gotten old for us - pardon the pun!

Before we continued on the long drive back home to Cork we stopped by this beautiful little cafe 'Granny's Kitchen' for a coffee and some homemade Madeira cake. The cafe is so kitsch with lots of different notes of currency on the wall and little knick-knacks dotted around the place. It really does have the atmosphere of being an old Irish Nana's house. I love all the flowers at the side of the little lane too overlooking the Irish countryside, it's just such a pretty place.

This little cottage was also on the lane and I was quite taken with it, it's got such a charm. Look at the little horseshoe on the door for luck and the window boxes , isn't it just lovely?

To enter The Rock of Cashel it's €7 for adults and €3 for children and students. I do think that children should be free but hey ho, if the money is going towards the conservation of the site then I personally don't mind paying for my little ones to see it.


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  1. Rock of Cashel is still on my bucket list I need to visit in Ireland. I haven't seen much of South Ireland which is sad considering I live here 10 years now.


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