Monday, July 11, 2016

The One Appliance We Couldn't Live Without ♥

What one kitchen appliance could you not live without? If you're like me, you'd have never even thought about how much the daily functioning of your home can depend on them, but I was recently asked this question by Beko and I immediately knew the answer - the washing machine!

I've discussed Tyler Lee's washing machine obsession on the blog before and it's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. He loves every aspect of them and now has three toy washing machines to do all his washing, he even has a little basket which he puts all his clothes in. On sunny days he takes his little washing machines out to the garden, puts water in them (much to our dismay as one day they're definitely going to break!), pretends to put in the detergent, etc. and when everything is 'washed' he then hangs them on his little washing line - his grandmother bought some rope so we could make him one for the garden.

Because of Tyler Lee's obsession, we're always looking for something to pop in the machine machine - this keeps him happy and keeps our washing basket empty so I guess it's a win-win situation! But, apart from Tyler Lee's love of the washing machine, it really is a necessity for our house, especially with two children.

There's always something to wash and ever since Beau was born the washing machine seems to be constantly on - not that I mind, I just love the smell of freshly washed baby clothes. And honestly, the little bit of hand-washing that I have to do it more than enough, imagine having to do the whole lot by hand like people used to back in the day... nope, we most definitely need - and love in Tyler Lee's case - our washing machine.

Beko recently ran a poll asking people 'Which Kitchen Appliance You Could Not Live Without?' and surprisingly for me, the fridge-freezer came out on top. Whilst I've always loved the thought of having an American style fridge freezer in our home, I think we're most definitely putting the trusty and ever-helpful washing machine on the top of our list as the one appliance we couldn't live without.

*This is a collaborative post.


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