Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Simple Ways To Keep Children Entertained On Holiday ♥

So, you’ve booked your summer holiday. Dreams of a white sandy beach, the sea gently lapping at your feet, the sun beaming down, and a gin and tonic in hand are a very welcome thought. Except, you’ve got the little ones to entertain too. Not quite as relaxing as you first thought.

But take a moment to think of it from their point of view. They’re in a new country, away from their everyday comforts and whilst a world of adventure awaits, it can be a bit daunting. Especially when all they want is their favourite toy. Which incidentally is currently residing on their bedroom floor at home. 

Fear not though, as this little guide should help you to keep cries of ‘but, I’m bored’ at bay and leave everyone with a holiday full of happy memories. 

Create a Reading Challenge
If there’s one thing we as adults love doing on holiday then devouring a good book is top of the list. So get them in on the act too and set up a reading challenge for them on holiday. Reading is one of the best ways to get little minds thinking creatively and aiding their literacy skills too. 

Make a visit to your local library before your trip. Charity shops are also a great place to pick up books for less than a £1. Harry Potter is always a winner, and for young adults the John Green novels prove particularly popular. If they don’t want to read then use an audio book app such as Audible instead.

Make a Holiday Diary
Remember when you were younger and you’d always make a holiday scrapbook or diary to treasure all those tickets, photos and trinkets you gathered on your travels? Well why not get your littles ones to make one as they go along on holiday. You can read more about Tyler Lee's first ever holiday journal here.

Take a plain notebook and add in sections by day or activity you are planning on doing. Then get them to fill it in each day with the things they ate and any activities they did. You could also get them to draw in pictures of their surroundings too. If you’re stuck for inspiration these ideas should help.

Be Creative
If your idea of getting creative at home involves all of the paint, glue, card and glitter you can get your hands on then it’s probably best to avoid packing up your kit and decamping it to the beach. The sand is enough mess to deal with after all! 

Adult colouring books may be all the rage, but it was the kids who loved them first of all. Grab a some colouring and puzzle books, and a pack of pencils and keep to hand when the boredom monster strikes. 

If In Doubt…iPad
There are times when only the iPad can solve the mother of all tantrums. Whether they want to curl up in the shade watching their favourite TV show for the zillionth time or play on the latest game craze to be sweeping the country - Pokémon Go I’m talking about you.

But if your iPad is liable to be getting a lot of usage, then don’t forget to pack in a power bank charger like this one. There’s nothing worse than your tech saviour dying in your time of need and we'd definitely be lost without ours, it'll be going into my handbag for the plane for sure!

Hopefully these ideas have made you feel that entertaining your children on holiday can be a lot simpler than you first thought.


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  1. I am not a really creative person for that reason my son probably watches a bit too much TV but I am trying to keep him out in the garden wherever I can playing in the sandpit or riding his bike.


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