Monday, July 11, 2016

Products I Use With Beau & Which I Highly Recommend To Other Parents & Their Babies ♥

Beau will be two months old this week and honestly, it feels as if time has just flown by. I've really enjoyed the newborn stage with him - although he was always so big I don't know if he even counted as a newborn - and I've also enjoyed using all the lovely things that are available for babies again. Seriously, one of the best things about having a little baby in the house again are all the lovely baby things that come with them. I just adore having little clothes to sort through again, all the sweet little comforters and my blanket obsession has well and truly thrived again this time round - I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough blankets.

I thought I'd share some of the products I've been using with Beau, things that have made both his and my life easier and which I highly recommend to other parents and their babies.

Kari-Me Sling
I only took up babywearing with Tyler Lee when he was past six months old, so I was adamant that I wanted to do it from the start with Beau. I researched a bit about slings before I finally settled on the Kari-Me sling in grey marl and I couldn't be happier with my choice. It's so easy to use and Beau loves being carried around it it too. I've only had him in the front carry position so far but I love having him so close to me and it makes getting things done around the house so much easier. I've also used it for going on walks or quick trips to the doctor/shops. It's really comfortable to wear as it's made from stretchy material and the various ties are easy to master too, making it perfect for people like me who are only interested in fuss-free baby products. The Kari-Me sling is now on offer for £39.95 (I paid £44.95).

aden+anais Burpy Bibs
I never thought bibs could be so lovely or a joy to use, until I discovered aden+anais Burpy Bibs. I use these when feeding Beau and they're larger than normal bibs, meaning they protect his clothes and little neck from an spillages. We have the paper tales classic burpy bibs which have gorgeous letters and geometric animal designs, with a groved piece for baby's neck. I love that these are made of muslin and they feel lovely, I think Beau gets a bit too comfortable with these bibs as he always falls asleep straight after his feed when I use them with him. The muslin material means that they're super absorbent too. These can also be used as burping bibs too and it's convenient having a two-in-one product. Plus, the designs on these bibs are so lovely, much nicer than the plain bibs which are available. The aden+anais Burpy Bibs are €17.95 for a pack of two.

I have a variety of swaddles for Beau and he absolutely loves being wrapped up in them. I never swaddled Tyler Lee so this was something which I wanted to do with Beau from birth and I'm so glad I got to do it. We have two SwaddleDesigns swaddles for him and you can read my review on them here. We also have three aden+anais swaddles for him, the mariposa organic swaddles which have a beautiful butterfly and teardrop-like design on them. These are 120X120cm which is perfect for tall babies like my Beau. They are so soft too and I love wrapping him up in them. They're breathable which means he has no chance of overheating either which gives me peace of mind.

My fellow blogger and friend Vicki from Elliebearbabi also gifted Beau with an aden+anais easy swaddle when he was born and these are perfect for parents like me who are a bit unsure of how to swaddle at first as they come with built in snaps and a little pouch for baby to lie in, making them super simple to use. I like putting Beau in his easy swaddle when he's being a little fussy and it really helps to calm him and settle him to sleep.

I have a great skincare routine going with Beau and I love making sure his beautiful skin stays baby soft. I use Little Butterfly London Dewdrops At Dawn Body Lotion on his skin in the morning and you can read my review of this here. He had very dry skin on his face by his eyebrows and hairline so I've been using Weleda Marshmallow face cream on him every morning and night and it's really cleared it up. You can read my thoughts on this product here. The nappy cream I'm currently using is Palmers Bottom Butter which works really well for keeping any nappy rashes at bay and it leaves his skin so soft. It also has the faint scent of chocolate too which is always a bonus! I massage Beau every night before bed with Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Massage Oil and it works really well to calm him and get him ready for sleep. The first night I used this was the night that he began sleeping through and I thoroughly believe this oil contributed to that, so much so that I just bought a second bottle yesterday as the first is almost gone.

These are just some of the lovely products I've enjoyed using with Beau so far and which I highly recommend. No doubt there'll be other posts like this in the coming months when we discover new things and get more familiar with some new products we've recently purchased.


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  1. Beautiful products you re sharing.As I wrote on facebook, your two sons are so cute.
    The same beautiful blue eyes you have.
    Lovely post!
    I wish you a wonderful week!
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