Friday, July 01, 2016

Our Month That Was... | June 2016 ♥

June 2016 has just zoomed by. Life sure is busy when you're having fun with and looking after two little boys. The days have become a lot busier since Beau has arrived and the hours just seem to tick by in the blink of an eye. This month has definitely been our adjustment month - settling Beau into a routine, juggling life with two kids and trying to fit in everything in between.

We haven't been out and about as much as we were in May - you can read all about our May 2016 here. In fact, we've only had one family day out and that was to Blarney Castle and gardens. We were supposed to go somewhere for Father's Day but then Jacek's hours at work got changed and we ended up going nowhere, which is a real shame but I guess we'll just have to make up for it this month.

Instead we've been for walks in the beautiful gardens of Fota House, walking around the walled garden and letting Tyler Lee play in the tree house in the house where I mind the dog when his owners are away, have had countless days at the playground and have enjoyed the rare sunny days out in our own back garden - Tyler Lee now asks for the paddling pool a lot and loves sliding down his little slide into it to make lots of splashes.

I also haven't been using my camera as much this month, which I'm quite annoyed at myself about, but I just find it so much easier to capture photos of the boys on my phone and I don't want to miss all the special moments whilst I go and run for the camera. One little photo shoot I did have and which I'm delighted with was Beau's one month old pictures. I put him in a Peter Rabbit crocheted cocoon and hat and he looked super cute, like a proper little baby - babies always look so tiny in hats don't they?

Beau has also had a few milestones this past month, which I'll take about in more depth in another post, but he's had his first smile, first laugh and has begun sleeping through the night. He's always been a good sleeper, only waking for one feed, but he's now cut that out. He's growing up way to fast for my liking! I try to capture a photo of him smiling everyday and so far I'm succeeding with this, yay! It's so lovely having a happy baby.

June, you were good to us. We made some lovely memories in our first full month as a family of four, ones I'll never forget. July, hopefully you'll continue with the goodness and bring some good weather, please!



  1. i know, how quickly has June whizzed by!? Lovely pictures, love all the summer flowers :)

  2. Aw, lovely pictures - that one at bottom right with the Peter Rabbit plush is just so adorable! The one of the paddling pool is fab too; our pool time was going great until I made the mistake of putting my feet in it. Cue one very angry toddler! :) x

  3. It's gone so quickly! I'm desperate for some good weather that lasts longer than half a day too ;)

  4. A beautiful round up of your pics. That's great that you managed to get out and enjoy some country walks. X

  5. Beau has changed so much already. I find it easier to take pictures on my phone and to be honest, they are so much better quality than they used to be

  6. It sounds like Beau is doing really well! It's bliss when they start sleeping through

  7. June is gone by so fast and we are already on the 4th of July insane. Beau is sooo cute, he looks like a happy baby. x


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