Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Helping To Improve My Toddlers Speech | ChuChuTV ♥

Speech has been one area that Tyler Lee has really struggled with. He conquered all of his other milestones with no trouble at all, but his speech has been slow to develop and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a worry for me, in fact, I worried so much about his inability to communicate not only with us here at home but with his teachers and the other children at school. I felt so sorry for him, sorry that he couldn't express himself and that he got frustrated when no one could understand what he wanted. I worried about how he would make friends, if the other children at preschool would shun him because they couldn't understand him and if it would impact on his confidence and social ability, so I went in search of things to help him learn how to talk properly and to learn new words.

I began reading with him, pointing to pictures in books telling him what they were and then quizzing him on the words. I bought him books specifically made for teaching children their words and numbers and let him sit looking at them, letting him get familiar with the objects in the pictures so that he'd realise they were things we actually had here at home. I taught him some songs that I learned as a child and starting doing little question time sessions with him to try and get him to engage in conversation. I made sure I repeated things over and over again and found that this worked great for teaching him his colours and numbers. I also discovered that he loved watching videos on the tablet and learning new nursery rhymes whilst watching the animations and that's where ChuChuTV came in.

I'm very particular about what I let Tyler Lee watch on the tablet. I want him to be entertained, but I also want him to learn something and ChuChuTV offers both of these things for him. With over four million subscribers it's clear that their animations and songs are very popular and I'm glad to say that Tyler Lee loves them too. He's begun singing along to the songs too, a great thing for me to witness as I really worried that he may never get to this stage in his speech. They songs on the channel are all very upbeat with preppy music and I think that contributes to helping him learn the songs. The lyrics of the songs all appear on the videos too - very handy if you don't know the words yourself or if your child is learning to read.

I think ChuChuTV offers a great learning resource for preschool age children such as Tyler Lee and I highly recommend their videos to any other parents whose little ones are also struggling with their speech. The Another aspect to their videos that I like is that they have positive messaging in them. ChuChuTV take traditional nursery rhymes and add on to them to promote good behaviour such as being kind to animals, getting outdoors and being active, etc.

Tyler Lee's favourite video from the ChuChuTV channel is Ding Dong Bell - which we both can't stop singing now! You can watch it below if you fancy sharing it with your little ones too.

ChuChuTV also have another channel called ChuChuTV Surprise, which offers lots of fun and discovery for little ones through ChuChuTV Surprise eggs - and we all know how popular those surprise egg videos are with children.

I'm very thankful for resources such as ChuChuTV, they have really contributed to helping my sons speech and it's great to hear him singing along and learning new words. It's a shame YouTube wasn't around when my brother was having difficulty with his speech too, it would have been a great help to him. It's also great that this is a free resource and with over 100 videos on their playlists we're still discovering new videos, topics and animations to keep him entertained.

You can find regular updates from ChuChuTV on their Youtube, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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