Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Easy Ways To Grow Your Business Online (And Offline) ♥

When you’re looking to expand your customer base and your market reach, you have literally thousands of tricks at your disposal. Some are aimed at the long game and some take more than a smidgen of techy know-how and expertise to use properly. Others, however, are quite easy and user-friendly, so here, in no particular order, are eight of the most effective ways to get your name out there. I use a lot of these in relation to growing my blog so I can definitely vouch for how well they work when used correctly.

Use free embeds and widgets on your website
Dead simple, this! By embedding a tool, button or widget on your site, your visitors can share your content with their friends on social media, save and like your pages for later perusal (don’t forget, folk are always on the move and it’s easy to lose track of the content you want to look at). Use a wide variety of embeddables, like video, audio, live feeds and so on.

Bring your visitors on board
If you have a lot of fans and likers, ask them to contribute ideas, content, photos and even short videos. They’ll want their friends to see their handiwork, of course, so these chums will end up seeing you.

Have contests and competitions
These are brilliant ways for getting your brand out there. Customers and participants will do half of your marketing for you as they’ll mention the contest, especially if they win! If you have a big event coming up – opening a new office, or a milestone business birthday, then a generous giveaway competition is in order!

Perform the occasional survey
Doing surveys helps you to understand your audience and customer base more and it also makes your customers view you as an authority in the industry. It also gives them a say in how you do things, especially if you listen to and act visibly on the feedback. 

Never stop SEO-ing
You can never do enough SEO, especially as it’s always changing! Research your customer base – what do they do while on your site, where do they go when they leave? Always be looking at and tweaking your keywords. 

Use your landing page
Don’t focus just on your homepage – your landing page is part of your online real estate and it should be working for you too. Grab people’s attention, make them fill out some details or enter a prize draw, or sign up for emails – something to keep them on the page so your chances of conversion go up.

Watch the competition
You don’t exist in a bubble, so look at what your rivals are doing and see how you can do it better. You can also learn from their mistakes without having to make them yourself, which is always a bonus!

In real life, now…
Reach out to your physical community in some way – have a happy hour, give 10% of your profits to a local homeless shelter, donate leftover food if you’re a cafe, or sponsor a school footie team. There’s so many ways to raise your profile without breaking a sweat.


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