Friday, July 29, 2016

Date Nights | A Guide To Planning A Great Romantic Evening ♥

Whether you’ve been with your other half for just a couple of months or for many years, it’s likely you always look forward to your next date night. After all, if you're busy parents like myself and my other half, it may be your only weekly or monthly (the latter in our case) child-free night and one where you can do what you want to do - even if you do end up talking about the kids a lot (always happens to us!). Planning the perfect evening out with your partner can be quite tricky though - the biggest obstacle being actually trying to allocate a night for a date night - so if you’re stuck for some date inspiration the ideas below may give you some to plan a great romantic evening with the one you love.

Make a dinner reservation
Since there’s nothing quite as romantic as a scrumptious, candle-lit dinner, make sure you book a table at your favourite eatery for your next date night. Sitting opposite your loved one in a calm, serene setting could be just what you’ve been yearning for, especially if a typical meal at home involves you rustling up a meal for your little ones (who probably won't appreciate or eat your efforts!) followed by cleaning up the mess. By making a dinner reservation, you can sit back and relax as you’re wined and dined into the evening.

You may have a preferred spot that you’d like to visit. However, if you’re open to trying something new, why not go somewhere you’ve never been before? Instead of sticking to your usual local hangouts, you may find that by venturing further afield, you can discover a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. For example, if you’re from Liverpool or the surrounding area, you could travel into the city centre and check out the range of restaurants located at Liverpool One. Whether you fancy a burger, a bowl of pasta or some spicy fajitas, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Do something fun
Aside from chowing down on some delicious grub, why not make the most of your evening with your other half and do something fun? There are a whole host of activities you can take part in late into the evening, so instead of restricting your evening to just dinner, why not just keep going? For example, you could take to the lanes at your local arcade for a game of bowling, or you could schedule in a visit to the cinema to watch the latest flick. If you’re able to plan your date night in advance, you could even get tickets to see a play or concert - Jacek and I love going to gigs so anytime the chance crops up to see one of our favourite bands we're there!

Kick back and relax
Especially if you’re a busy parent, getting the chance to go out with your other half may be an opportunity that doesn’t come up often. You may even feel a slight twinge of guilt at the thought of leaving your kids behind. However, if your little ones are being taken care of for the evening by a friend or relative, there’s no reason why you can’t kick back and relax. Time alone with your significant other is a crucial part of a healthy, happy relationship, so make sure you don’t feel bad for taking an evening off every once in a while to reconnect. Jacek and I recently had a night away at Killashee Hotel and Spa and had a lovely, relaxing time in their hydrotherapy suite - something I'd highly recommend for a couple in need of relaxation!

If you're looking for something completely different, fun and romantic to a normal date night, I've shared a list of twenty fun and alternative date night ideas on the blog before, which you can read here.

Regardless of what you get up to on your next date night, you’re guaranteed to have a great time if you’ve got your partner in tow. Afterall, they're not just the ones we love but our best friends too and you can never not have a laugh with your bestie.


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