Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Travel Plans & 21 Travel Hacks You Need To Know This Summer ♥

It's now less than two weeks until we're going on our first holiday as a family of four and I have to admit, although I'm excited about going abroad for the first time with our two boys in tow, I feel very unprepared!

I'm going to have to start packing soon because I know I'll end up forgetting something - I always seem to forget somethings these days, usually a blanket for Beau, which means I end up buying him another blanket when we're out and about (I love baby blankets so I'm not complaining!).

We're going to the Costa del Sol in Spain, to a place I holidayed at with my own family back in the early naughties, so it's lovely to know that I'll be making new memories there with my own family - I accidentally hit my little brother in the face with a golf club during a game of mini golf during my last visit so hopefully this time it'll all be accident free! We all laugh about it now but I remember my mother being very distressed at the time!

We're flying with Ryanair and I'm going to pre-book our seats so that we have the entire row and are able to sit together, because my worst nightmare would be having to sit apart from each other, like this fellow blogger and her family had to. This is something which I'm going to do tonight in fact so that I don't forget!

I also need to decide what buggy we're going to take for Beau, we use a Quinny with him on a daily basis but it comes in two parts and although I've heard that you can by a 'buggy bag' to check your buggy in to the plane, I'm not sure I'll have the time to go and get one. I might end up bringing our Cosatto Supa Firebird (reviewed here) which has the extendable sun shade - although I don't know if I'm too happy about putting my two month old in a buggy already, even if it does lie completely flat. If you've been on holiday with a newborn what buggy did you take?

I'm going to get packing next week and will be using some of the travel hacks below to make sure that I'm getting as much space from our cases as possible because I know we'll have a lot with the boys. I'll be rolling things up, packing things in our shoes, etc. and trying to make sure that I don't forget any of the essentials.

My favourite hack from the ones shown below in the infographic by is taking an empty water bottle through security and filling it up in the departures lounge. I always end up spending an obscene amount of money in the airport shop on (over-priced) drinks for the plane and it never even crossed by mind before to take an empty water bottle so I'm definitely doing that now.

travel-hacks (2)
Are you and yours going on holiday this year? Will you be using any of the 21 travel hacks shown above?


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