Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beau Samuel James | Two Months Old ♥

My darling Beau,
You're now two months old and I feel blessed to have had you already in my life for two wonderful months. You're the loveliest baby I have ever known - so placid, content and always smiling, you make everyone around you happy and everyone comments on just how happy you are and how lovely it is to have you, even if it's just for a quick hold. You're such a joyous little soul, just like I knew you would be and it's amazing to see someone so happy in life, not yet affected by the world around them.

You're still sleeping throughout the night, as you have done since five weeks and you seem to really love your sleep. I'm so glad you sleep, daddy and I wouldn't have been able to function without ours! Your favourite thing is to swaddled in muslin, it seems the material makes you fall asleep instantly, especially if some of it is touching your chin - I think we'll have to abandon the muslin cloths when feeding you your bottle because you always want to snooze when we use them for mopping up your baba dribbles.

You also love your milk, you never stop drinking - hence why you're such a big boy! I'm just glad you're thriving, even if sometimes it's hard to quell your thirst!

You now want to be entertained throughout the day. You love nothing more than having someone sit and chat with you, this makes you burst into constant smiles from everything they say and I only wish I had all the hours in a day to sit and have chats with you. You now love playing with your play gym, batting the hanging toys and looking up at them in awe. It's so lovely to watch you play and interact with things around you. You also gave your first proper hearty laugh last week, it was adorable, I hope you do it again soon. Nothing makes a mother happier than hearing her child laugh with joy.

You're the most friendly little thing I know, always greeting everyone with a big, welcoming smile and it's infectious. You remind me so much of my Nan, she was always so welcoming too and anytime you look up at me with that radiant smile and opened arms I can hear her saying - "Wish you hello", I must teach you to say that when you're older, that greeting would really suit you too.

You're such a cheeky boy, always playing around with your bottle instead of drinking and when someone points this out to you you smile in the most mischievous way, as if you're so happy to be playing jokes on us. I can imagine we'll have lots of fun when you're older and become even more playful.

Your looks seem to have changed a lot this month too. Your hair was so much redder before but now it's more of an auburn colour. The hair at the front of your head is also growing back and quite quickly too, but this seems to be a blonder colour - you're all hair colours at the moment! Your eyes are still that beautiful deep blue, the same as your big brother's and everyone says you look just like him but I don't really see it yet.

My Beau, I'm so happy to have you in our lives, you're the loveliest person I know and I couldn't love you more. Stay smiling happy boy.



  1. Oh I so want to give your little Beau a big cuddle, what gorgeous boy and your photos are beautiful.

  2. How lucky that he's sleeping through the night! That's really good :) He is so adorable. Love his photos. x

  3. Such a gorgeous little boy. He sounds a lot like how my son Blake is when it comes to sleep which is a good thing for us mums,

  4. What a stunning post,
    I truly love the second picture!
    Model in the making <3 x

  5. Two months have flown over, I adore these photos - so cute! He sounds like such a delightful baby boy xx

  6. Aww such beautiful pictures. My daughter loves this book, she still keeps it safe at 11 :)

  7. I cannot believe he is two months old already, such a cutie and those eyes!

  8. I still cannot wait to see if he has hair like Tyler-Lee, he is absolutely beautiful x

  9. Oh he is super adorable. I wanna have a baby boy soon as well.

  10. Time flies doesn't it?? So adorable, a cutie him and his bunny <3

    Alina | DIY blogger

  11. Such gorgeous photos - I love the little books for each season! :)

  12. Your baby is so cute! I love the gorgeous slippers. Happy 2nd month birthday! :)


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