Friday, June 17, 2016

Whisbear - The Humming Bear | Review ♥

We are blessed with a brand new baby in our house and we are absolutely besotted with him, but like many expectant parents I'm sure, before his arrival into the world, we were worried about how we would cope with the night feeds and lack of sleep again.

 You see, our eldest son has always been a great sleeper and still is to this day. From just six weeks of age he has slept through the night and he has blessed us with a full nights sleep ever since - something we are incredibly grateful for. I worried that perhaps the new baby wouldn't sleep well, that he wouldn't be able to settle and that I'd then be like a zombie during the day, unable to give my very active little toddler the attention he deserves also, but I need not have worried, our little Beau is a fantastic sleeper and something I think we has contributed to his fab sleep routine is Whisbear - an amazing bear whose main purpose in life is to help babies sleep better.

We received our Whisbear before Beau was born and I knew that I wanted to begin using the bear with him from the very start. Whisbear is a grey cuddly bear, featuring four colourful and sensory arms that can attach to cots and prams due to the magnets in his paws. He also has crinkly sounding ears and a protruding nose which Beau just loves to try and latch on to. Whisbear comes with  a white noise sensor 'heart', which pops into his back - this is then secured with velcro, which makes a calming white noise sound for forty minutes to help soothe baby to sleep. The sensor is activated simply by pressing Whisbear's back and I'm happy to report that the noise really does help to soothe Beau and helps him to drift off to a peaceful sleep.

What I love about Whisbear is the fact that it also has a CRYsensor, so if the white noise has stopped and baby begins to unsettle the white noise comes on again for another twenty minutes. I think this is a great feature as it comforts baby, letting them know that they're not alone and this feature has helped to get Beau back to sleep again - especially when his big brother is being a bit too loud around the house! The Whisbear is easily turned off by pushing it's back again - I do this once Beau has gone to sleep as it runs on batteries.

Beau loves to sleep next to his Whisbear, he always cuddles his head up towards it and although he's too young at the moment to really enjoy the sensory arms it has, I can imagine that he'll love these too. Whisbear has been a great part of Beau's sleep routine and I'm delighted to say that he now sleeps through the night at only four weeks of age.

Whisbear is £39.90 and really is worth every penny. You can purchase Whisbear and browse other products on offer on the Whisbear website.

*We received Whisbear for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Aww, this looks so sweet :) Lovely pictures ..

  2. That sounds clever that it has a cry sensor! I'm wondering if my 2 and a half year old would like this, he is suspected ASD and has sensory problems. Oh and your little man is so scrummy <3

  3. Oh hes such a little darling (Beau not the bear, ha!)...his hair is so like Noah's was at that age!
    Whisbear is a permanent fixture in our house too, I wouldnt be without it! xx

  4. I wish i'd known about this when Lu was small, I used to have an app on my phone that i'd play white noise from for er but it meant I had no phone in the evenings! It really does look very stylish too, bonus!

  5. This looks amazing! Oscar is still being a monkey at night time so maybe I should get one for him? And Beau is gorgeous, bless him <3

  6. This looks and sounds amazing, what a truly amazing idea and I wonder if it would have helped my nephew sleep, he still resists sleep until he is too tired not too x

  7. Congratulations on your new arrival, he is adorable! I love the sound of the Whisbear, I would have loved one when the twinnies were babies x

  8. I love the sound of Whisbear would have been very useful when Blake was Newborn.

  9. Congratulations on the new arrival again. I love the sound of a whisbear, Emily has a rabbit who plays white noise, and tunes. She has had it since she was small and wont sleep without it. xx

  10. It sounds like a really well thought out product - I love the way it sits over the side of the cot (thought he looks a little like he's hand an accident with an octupus?!)
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  11. I wish we had something like this when chloe was born. She wasn't a great sleeper the first 6 weeks and she still isn't. I could be still up with her 5 times and more.
    White noise works like wonders. She does drift off to sleep with the help of a sun that can be winded up.

  12. I've had my eye on one if these ever since I had Kipper - great review will be looking into it further now :). #TriedTested


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